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Created by Anouk LLaurens Eligible Member // Teacher | 2013.06.12

Co-Teaching: Eva Maes and Anouk Lauren's class experience
The celullar breathing, the presence of the absence and the absence of the presence
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By Juliana Neves
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About Lisa Nelson's work
This is an article i wrote about Lisa Nelson's Work. She is one of my source and I find it useful to have a small presentation of her work and its background to share with my students.
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By Anouk LLaurens Eligible Member
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TTT meeting Brussels, class proposal Eva Maes and Anouk Llau...
The two movements proposals that will dialogue in this co-teached class( Eva Maes ‘Fluid Pathways’ and Anouk Llaurens ‘What is the shape of your visual field’), is a prolongation of...
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By [Multiple Creators]
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