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Created by Defne Erdur Eligible Member // Teacher | 2018.08.31

Proposal: Seeds of Dance-Phenomenological approach to dance
“Seeds of Dance-Phenomenological approach to dance” is a series of methods which focuses on making dancer, as well as non-dancer obtain sharpen sensitivity to communicate with the enviro...
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By Ryuzo Fukuhara
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Who am I as a teacher? A Class description with lots of thin...
Something meaningful is happening in movement with bodymind awareness. There is some sensing, thoughts, emotions and action going on. How do you recognize it and what's the meaning of it - t...
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By Elina Ikonen Eligible Member
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[FFTD] sense of archiving
.... die Dinge einer überkommenen Welt in Material für eine noch zu fabrizierende Welt zu verwandeln. (Michel de Certeau quoted in "Das Rumorien der Archive" by Wolfgang Ernst
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By Andrea Keiz
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Use of Visual Image in Improvisation
Some questions on the use of visual image to enhance the expressive quality in improvisation.
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By aylin kalem
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The Psoas Connection - notes from Kerstin Kussmaul's class
A collection of quotes and thoughts from Kerstin Kussmaul's class of psoas and Myoreflex therapy in Stolzenhagen. This is not a document of the full class, but a way I use for making notes o...
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By Ulla Mäkinen Eligible Member
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BRUSSELS LOCAL WORKSHOP 01/06/12 Summary of conversations about how to document the exercise of Anouk Llaurens. Topics
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By [Multiple Creators]
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A Conversation about the application of the Feldenkrais Meth...
This IDOC documents a Conversation with Georg Blaschke about the application of the Feldenkrais Method to choreography, movement research and performance. It is part of the Bachelor work of...
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By (inactive user)
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Reflections on Anouk's Class
Text and images recorded/distilled while observing Anouk Llauren's Ponderosa Class: 'Exploring with the two sides of Touch + Drawings feedback environment'
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By [Multiple Creators]
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how idocde started
a videotalk with choreographer Jennifer Lacey and idocde founder Kerstin Kussmaul at the ImPulsTanz Festival 2012 in Vienna about the idocde idea and how it all started.
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By Kerstin Kussmaul Eligible Member
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Photography as a tool to document dance
Role and effect of a recording device (carried by an observer) in an ongoing dance related process.
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By [Multiple Creators]
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IDOCDE WORKSHOP PROPOSAL LJUBLJANA 17.06. 2012. „BARKA“ - (L'arche) - is a community for adult people with special needs( autism, down syndrom, different levels of mental disorder, ce...
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The Shoe and Sock Game from IDOCDE-Brussels!
A proposition by Iñaki Azpillaga, captured, interpreted and documented by Florence Augendre and Palle Dyrvall. IDOCDE meeting Brussels, 2nd of June 2012
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By [Multiple Creators]
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Six tricky questions for dance teachers
Kerstin Kussmaul and Pia Lindy created these questions to trigger some reflection on our practice as dance teachers and to collect a few viewpoints from different teachers in Europe. They se...
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By [Multiple Creators]
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Conceptualising documentation
The Hamburg key-teacher group of IDOCDE tried to structure the large spectrum of documentation in form of questions. We would like to invite everybody to complete our reflections.
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By [Multiple Creators]
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A Work of Art from A Work of Art by Becky Edmunds
Becky Edmunds trained as a dancer and choreographer and worked as a dance artist until 2000, when she shifted to a screen-based practice. Her video work now has two distinct strands, which...
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By (inactive user)
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