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IDOCs » Candoco summer lab 2014 - Day 1
The aim of the five day Lab was to train perception and composition awareness through a dialogue between sensorial explorations and their documentation . Here are words, audio, pictures and drawings by participants and myself documenting day 1.

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                                                                                      sensations are your guides


                                tasting your sensations


                                                                                                                    follow you interrest and necessity


                                                                                                   imprints and traces, stillnesses and movements


      bring your attention to your spine


                                         folding and unfolding yourself


               receiving and integrating visual information




                                                            pausing eyes closed/moving eyes open


                                                                                                             reverse the pattern


                                                                                                        who is leading ? eyes ? body ? are they together ?


                            noticing your patterns






                                                           15 minutes automatic writting session


                                                            select parts of your writting that you want to share with the group


            sharing selected parts (audio 1)




                                                                                          what is an environment ? (picture bellow)


                                                                                          use the environment to give sensation to yourself


                                 REPORT : share your experience with words


                OPEN: continue with eyes open


       revisit your experience with drawing eyes closed (PDF)) 


                                                                                                share your drawing with a small group (audio 2)







Audio 2:  Andrew's group: Andrew Graham - Sophie Arstall - Hannah Dye - Zoe Georgallis - Michela Turrini. 

Note: You can look at the drawings while listening to the audio


Clare's group : Clare Reynolds, Deborah Roach, Oliver Fitzgerald, Ana Dora Borges, Tanja Erhart

Magali's group: Magalie Saby, Megan Armishaw, Laura Patay, Lisa Cahill, Carmen Kraus

Aristide's group: Aristide Rontini, Toke Strandby, Matt Shilcock, Juan Bautista, Anne-Gaelle Thiriot

Pedro's group: Pedro Machado,  Davide Turrini, Kimberley Harvey, Mirjam Gasser, Mirjam Gurtner, Bel Pye






4th of August 2014  - Greenwhich Dance Agency - London - UK 


Participants: Ana Dora Borges (P), Anne-Gaelle Thiriot (FR), Aristide Rontini (IT), Bel Pye (UK), Carmen Kraus (D), Clare Reynolds (UK), Davide Turrini (IT), Deborah Roach (UK), Juan Bautista (SP), Kimberley Harvey (UK), Lisa Cahill (IR), Magalie Saby (FR), Matt Shilcock (AU), Megan Armishaw (UK), Michela Turrini (IT), Mirjam Gasser (SZ), Oliver Fitzgerald (UK), Sophie Arstall (UK), Zoe Georgallis (CY) Andrej Gubanov (UK) and candoco dancers: Mirjam Gurtner (SZ),Rick Rogers (UK), Toke Strandby (UK), Laura Patay (FR), Andrew Graham (FR), Tanja Erhart (AU), Pedro Machado (Candoco co- artistic director) and Hanna Dye (Candoco learning manager).


The aim of the five day Lab was to train perception and composition awareness through a dialogue between sensorial explorations and their documentation.  I proposed to the group  to explore practices focusing on touch, vision and their relationship and  introduced elements of Lisa Nelson’s Tuning Scores . Participants circulated between dancing, drawing, writing, talking and filming to document their experience from ‘inside’ and ‘outside’.  They communicated their point of view through the documents they produced and  In that way,  shared their knowledge and taught each other’s.







candoco summer lab day 1 morning
Reading drawing day 1 Andrew's group feedback
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day 1
what is an environment
when does it begins or ends
Bel day 1
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