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IDOCs » Candoco summer lab 2014 - Day 5
The aim of the five day Lab was to train perception and composition awareness through a dialogue between sensorial explorations and their documentation . Here are words, audio and video from participants and myself documenting day 5

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                                                                 take your time to arrive



                           CLOSE (eyes closed)


                           follow your interrest



follow the map of your sensations



                                                     movement of the body /movement of the attention



                              revisit themes of the week



                                                                                                           when you engage with one stick to it for a while


                                                                   aknowledge shifts


                                                                                         natural or willful shifts


                                                                               name out loud the themes you are engaged with


           do you compose with them ?


             do you combine them ?


                      find a partner and go on with whatever theme you are engaged with


                                                                          maintain your personal interrest


                                                                                                                                                              why are you pausing?


why are you moving?


                                                       play with distance and proximity (video)


                                                                        can you maintain your own interrest AND be with your partner? 


                                                        15 minutes automatic writting


                                                                           select parts you want to share


        sharing (audio 1)






Lisa Nelson score: one minute solo with multiple replays (video)*


                             use the entire building


                          sharing impressions (audio 2)


                                                 closure of the week



* one minute solo with multiple replays is a score from Lisa Nelson: one person choose an ' environment ' and make a one minute solo proposition with the eyes closed. Soloist proposes also how she wants her solo to be watched  (frontal,  from anywhere in  the space, laying down, from above etc ). Watchers are taking care of the time and say ' one' when it is time to look for an end. When the solo is over, some watchers replays their expereince of watching it. At first it is interresting to replay it as close as possible to the original . When the practice goes on, the replay can become more and more subjective.


8th of August 2014  - Greenwhich Dance Agency - London - UK

Participants: Ana Dora Borges (P), Anne-Gaelle Thiriot (FR), Aristide Rontini (IT), Bel Pye (UK), Carmen Karaus (CAN), Clare Reynolds (UK), Davide Turrini (IT), Deborah Roach (UK), Juan Bautista (SP), Kimberley Harvey (UK), Lisa Cahill (IR), Magalie Saby (FR), Matt Shilcock (AU), Megan Armishaw (UK), Michela Turrini (IT), Mirjam Gasser (SZ), Oliver Fitzgerald (UK), Sophie Arstall (UK), Zoe Georgallis (CY) Andrej Gubanov (UK) and candoco dancers: Mirjam Gurtner (SZ),Rick Rogers (UK), Toke Strandby (UK), Laura Patay (FR), Andrew Graham (FR), Tanja Erhart (AU), Pedro Machado (Candoco co- artistic director) and Hanna Dye (Candoco learning manager).


The aim of the five day Lab was to train perception and composition awareness through a dialogue between sensorial explorations and their documentation.  I proposed to the group  to explore practices focusing on touch, vision and their relationship and  introduced elements of Lisa Nelson’s Tuning Scores . Participants circulated between dancing, drawing, writing, talking and filming to document their experience from ‘inside’ and ‘outside’.  They communicated their point of view through the documents they produced and  In that way,  shared their knowledge and taught each other’s.


candoco summer lab day 5 morning
candoco summer lab day 5 afternoon
one minute solo and multiple repalys
Matt solo proposition filmed by Bel
Replay of Matt one minute solo95

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