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IDOCs » Kitchen Table
The "Kitchen table" is a setting for an open discussion, organized for all the participant of the 3rd IDOCDE Symposium.

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KITCHEN TABLE with invited guests:

Gretchen Dunn
(US), Pavle Heidler (HR/SE), Sabina Holzer (AT ), Chua Iu-Hui (US), Einav Katan (DE/IL),
Nita Little (US), Deirdre Morris (US), Mike O’Connor (AT /US)

Moderator: Defne Erdur

The Kitchen Table is a setting for an open discussion about any topic (in this case about form and formless), but with a rule set to create a performance out of the ordinary. During a set time anyone interested can witness and/or participate in the discussion. The topics are open and the exchange of speakers is actively encouraged.
The kitchen table is inspired by artist and researcher Lois Weaver who created “The Long Table” inspired by the film Antonia’s Line by Maureen Gorris. (See attached PDF with the "rules" for the kitchen table.)


Attached Documents:
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KitchenTable Discussion Rules.pdf
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[type: pdfKitchenTable Discussion Rules

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Mira Mutka Eligible Member // Teacher
This event resonates well with ideas and interests that I have been nourishing more and more the recent years. It resembles the roundtable format and open space technology. I'm curious and looking forward to taking part of this during the symposium!

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