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IDOCs » Fast and Furious
Proposal event for the 3rd IDOCDE Symposium, where three teachers lead a 20-minute class each, followed by a facilitated discussion on the material, the approach, the methods and questions addressed about form and formless.

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Fast and Furious 
A two hour event where the theme of the 3rd Symposium "form and formless" can be explored and examined from up close. In the first part there are 3 teachers leading /guiding /teaching a 20-minute class each, then a 60-minute discussion time will follow. Each of the teachers have diverse approaches to material, pedagogy and methodology and they teach one after the other. The event will be facilitated in order to guide the focus and emphasize the intention of the exploration.

Gretchen Dunn (US): “Move like your grandmother! Laban-inspired movement for old folks.”

Gretchen Dunn began dancing at 65, beginning with Quicksilver, a senior women’s improvisational group, adding Contact Improvisation after taking a master class with Nancy Stark Smith. In 2006 she became a CMA through the Laban Institute for Movement Studies and began teaching her class, “Body Central”, to adults, age 70-92. She enjoys performance, working with both Heather Doyle and Malcolm Shute’s Human Landscape Dance.

Liisa Pentii (FI): “Dancing to the musicgoing beyond your known boundaries without flipping”. A short investigation in how we imagine speed and relate to rhythm and pulse. An exploration of 20 minutes about the
possibilities of the bodily consciousness.

Liisa Pentii is one of the key figures of the post-contemporary dance scene in Finland. She is a choreographer and the artistic director of her international dance company Liisa Pentti +Co which she founded in 2000. She has a long teaching career both as a freelancer and in the Theatre Academy of Helsinki where she has been teaching permanently the actors and the dancers since 1990.

Francesco Scavetta (NO/SE): “Activity and inactivity. The part of my body that receives more than initiates the
movement.” A basic principle from the “A Surprised Body” research. 

Francesco Scavetta has gained an international widespread recognition for his work as a choreographer and his approach to movement and physicality as a teacher. The workshop ”A Surprised Body” has been in a continuous process of research throughout 33 countries. Scavetta directs, together with Gry Kipperberg, the Norwegian dance company, Wee, one of the leading groups of the Norwegian scene.

Facilitated by Eszter Gál

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