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Event hosted by Nita Little and Benoît Lachambre.

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In preparation for this event The Project Team asked Benoît Lachambre and Nita Little to each give a response regarding the theme of the Symposium from the perspective of their work, and to react onto the other's response before opening the dialogue towards all participants.


The Project Team's Proposal:

Event hosted by Nita Little and Benoît Lachambre.
Before the event we would very much like you Nita and Benoît to adjust and/or specify this proposal, if necessary.
Our aim with this event is to ask you two to each give a response regarding the theme of the Symposium from the perspective of your work. Each response can be followed by a reaction articulated by the other participant. The two responses and the two reactions can then serve as a starter of a shared reflection processed by means of ex. conversation, incl. all participants.
Our proposed structure of the event is the following.
  • 30' response by person 1
  • 5' reflection time
  • 10' reaction by person 2 regarding the response of person 1
  • 30' response by person 2
  • 5' reflection time
  • 10' reaction by person 1 regarding the response of person 2
  • 30' reflection/conversation between person 1 and person 2 incl. audience
  • total: 120'
Notes on proposal:
1/ The format of the response is to be decided depending on the artist's specific concerns. A class could be taught, a lecture given, an event hosted.
2/ Reflection time might include time for thinking and/or writing; documenting impressions by means other than conversation or physical activity.
3/ Shared reflection can but doesn't have to be processed by means of conversation alone.
Nita Little choreographer, teacher, and theorist in the field of improvisational dance and Contact Improvisation. Nita Little PhD is invited to work with dancers worldwide. A dance researcher and touring artist, Dr. Little participated in the emergence and development of Contact Improvisation. Nita is now based in Seattle where she is developing an international Dance Research Institute for the study of embodied practices in ecological and relational movement through ensemble dancing.
Benoît Lachambre biography pending.

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