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IDOCs » From my (personal)self to my social self
Who am I today? What and Why am I doing?

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From my (personal)self to my social self.

From the improvisation to composition - (The composition of  "it" is further development; it would takes more time).

We improvised - to this chosen, delivered subject - on the IDOCDE meeting in Ljubljana. We were 10 people involved, 1 leading. With the decision - that this "impro desicions" are quick (fast) - it takes about 1hour with 9 performers.

1. stage: You alone come into the space full of people you do not know (this we imagine). You have to introduce yourself: who you are, where do you come from, why are you here, how do you feel today... (these all is the sample which can be in your subtext (meaning unspoken texst). In movement/dance.

All participants of the "task" are starting together to find, select, decide about their moving/dance material for their introduction. In our case I gave them 4min. for that. You can use your voice, but not in the sense of language. After 4min. you have your "personal self phrase".

2. stage: All performers come together - to present themselves with their personal phrases. All together at once move/dance/present.

3. stage: We proceed one at the time: to introduce himself/herself. Others watch - not just with eyes, but with ears, thinking bodies...

4. stage: All other performers go together to present the reaction on what they've seen/hear/experienced while watching the previous performer (who introduced him/herself). This stage may be called - The view of the Other: the social view.

5. stage: the performer (on whom the reaction of the Others was done, performed) - perform again: but now from the view of the Other/s; from the view from Outside.  






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