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IDOCs » Little Worms can trigger big changes - Documentation
Little Worms can trigger big changes - Documentation

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In my proposal i want to share my research on a movement methodology/ performative practice inspired by worms. In which the understanding of our own physical structure and the awareness of acting in a performative space with the imaginary incorporation of aspects of being worm overlap.



We can set out the arduous work of building new collectives and welcoming unheard of strange strangers.

Levi Bryant


Worms have have played a more important part in the history of the world than most people would first assume. Charles Darwin 



How can approximating another species expand our understanding of reality?

My proposal focuses on a simple and omnipresent organism: the earthworms. A a soft and slimy worm, living in and feeding on soil, with a seize ranging from 10 mm to 3 meters.

It aims to examine and invent speculative relationships between earthworms and humans.

What do these two live forms have in common how do they differ? 

Starting from a theoretical introduction to my research i will then guide the participants through a somatic practice of becoming worm.



original proposal:



Jasmin Hoffer born in 1983 is a dancer and performer from Austria, currently based in Vienna. In 2014 she finished her MA in Dance Dissamination at the HfMT Cologne. Before she studied Contemporary Dance at the Scottish School of Contemporary Dance in Dundee and Painting at the Masterclass for Painting at the Ortweinschule in Graz.
She has been performing and teaching in Germany, Italy, Palestine, Russia, and Austria. Presenting her own work and working with choreographers like Willi Dorner (A), Oleg Soulimenko (RUS/A).

Little Worms can trigger big changes

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