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IDOCs » Scratching the Script - Workshop by Sabina Holzer (AT)
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This is an invitation to radically connect your dancing experience with writing. To let your writing be informed not only by verbal thinking but also by the intensities, sensations and liminal thoughts resonating from the sensibility of a dancing body and tracing sensations by scribbling and poetic acts. We will touch the materiality of writing as Derrida puts it: Everything which is in-scripted is a script. In this sense the term script goes beyond the verbal language and engages in contact with the environment. The aggregate of the conditions in which a person or thing lives leads us to space; or to put it in other words: Dancers read what never has been written.


Sabina Holzer (AT) is a dance and performance artist and a writer. She organizes and is invited for trans-medial settings and collaborative research projects at the intersection of theory and practice. Since 2007 she writes, performs and publishes texts in relation to contemporary dance. In 2005 she started cooperating closely with the artist Jack Hauser. Together they create performances, interventions in public space and galleries as well as in theaters, museums and artist driven initiatives. 

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