IDOCs » MTD Residency A holistic approach to dance pedagogy: Towards a better understanding of humanity
MTD Residency Vienna 2018

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What do we teach beyond movement techniques? Reflecting contemporary dance pedagogy in relationship to the triptych of body, mind and soul.

During this week we took the time to study each other’s individual experiences, proposing experimental practices around spirituality such as healing circles and rituals as well as ethnochoreological approach to teaching. We then asked ourselves what are we teaching beyond the dance techniques we practice? Doing so we aimed to push ourselves beyond the current documented knowledge; to look for answers in the body-itself, on spot, in real time.

“Embodiment comes before the teaching: Teaching a lot of things we are not aware of.”
“There is something spiritual about this exchange between students and teacher.”

We would like to invite you to explore and exchange on the questions we have been working on during the week. Come and join us on Sunday for this morning practice!


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