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IDOCs » MTD Residency Ground Infinity - an on-going transformable practice
MTD Residency Vienna 2018

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We invite you to join the score based on walking, listening, questioning and care taking. The score was developed during the Mind the Dance residency, where we shared knowledge on documenting/teaching/artistic practice and experienced autonomy and responsibility as  balance between giving and receiving.

Analysing, commenting, re/defining reality and creating alternatives to it, by affirming dance as a social, political and ethical practice.


Our collective attempts to theorize the haptic as a visceral register of experience and vital zone of experimentation, direct us to somatic forms of knowledge attuned not only to contemporary bodies and spaces, but also to the worlds and imaginations that have both conditioned and surpassed the body in and of performance.

Other Sensualities / Rizvana Bradley


A proposal by Gosia Gajdemska (Berlin, Germany), Andrea Keiz (Berlin, Germany), Sasha Kleinplatz, (Montreal, Canada), Silvia Marchig (Zagreb, Croatia).

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