Unfolding concept of communicating and relating by traveling the intersections of bodies, words and practices by Rayen Mitrovic, Agnese Krivade Angela Stöcklin and Sabina Holzer.

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Our eyes creating darkness as we stare, our lips creating silence as we spek, immerse in space by shades to being rather than facts. Here is where we want to reclaim our right to be misunderstood. To rewrite our senses to meet, to protect our darkness so new future may unfold. This is an invitation to unbecome, uns-sense, un-do, create a delibrate not knowing as a vessel to travel to a space of new knowing.

These are the basic agreement for our non event of darkness and future to come
The space is black.
After 10 min we ask each other if it is time to gather the people.
We gather into a circle and bring the papers in the circle.
We want ca 10 people in the gathering.
Rules of the game: If the ball comes to you, you choose one of the papers, attach it to the ball and react in relation to it either through wording, embodiedment, voicing (singing). You adress it to the others. We offer and explore a different way of communication, were we primarily listen to sensation and what our body wants to tell and not so much, what the reasoning, linguistic, logical way to respond would be. We there are tasks, we execute them in daily manner. In general the way of responding is direct, even if time is traveling and organized different.
After 60 min, one of us asks, pretends to take a paper and asks should we shift now to some other way of sharing, like writing or talking with each other. We could transform the situation into automtic writing or talking.

We say yes to the proposals in the space.
We trust.
Rather to want, we try to embrace and tresure what is and let our disires blossom from there, which is here.
We explore and listen.
We create a fair trade T-shirt, tissue, fissure.
We travel the space between matter and idea.
This dance studio is our city.


List of terms and things we gathered from the last 3 days to support our outreach into the darkness:





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