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IDOCs » Opening Keynote: Political Breathing - A practical philosophy for living relations
IDOCDE Symposium 2018, Vienna

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Opening Keynote: Political Breathing - A practical philosophy for living relations
10:20 - 11:15 Studio 2

A practical philosophy for living relations
with Carol Brown

In dancing as in life in general, we are all sharing the same air. We encounter each other through sharing breaths (listening, tuning and calibrating) in an atmosphere of airs that can never be fully appropriated. This shared condition is what makes us human and vulnerable. How might it also provide the ground for a practical philosophy for enacting a dance politics?

Carol Brown (NZ) is a choreographer, performer, teacher and writer whose work crosses between the contemporary and  the archival, the somatic and the virtual and the conceptual and corporeal. Originally trained in the Bodenwieser Method in Dunedin, New Zealand, she went on to become the first woman Choreographer in Residence at the Place Theatre, London. Carol won the Ludwig Forum International Art Prize for The Changing Room and a Jerwood Choreography Prize.

Carol completed one of the first practice-led PhDs in dance from the University of Surrey, UK. She is currently an Associate Professor in Dance Studies at the University of Auckland where she teaches dance and performance as research methods. She publishes regularly and recently edited Undisciplining Dance in Nine Movements and Eight Stumbles with Alys Longley.

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