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IDOCs » self portrait - documentation
Documentation from Gitta Barthel of the class Self-portraits given by Defne Erdur, 12.8.12.: outside view – done while the class and reworked after – my perspective for the documentation was to - try to capture potential layers of logic of the class - train my skills of percieving and analysing teaching processes - to make a documentation that could perhaps be interesting for the teacher - to transmitt the class as an example for people who you did not participate

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Propositions of Defne are in normal style - actions of the participants are in italic - text from documentator is underlined


Teaching for dancers and teaching dance is not necessarily the same

We teach dancers, but we don’t necessarily teach dance

Multisensational tasks:

- moving and doing, what everybody would like to do in this moment and state of mind + listening to Defne speaking about the aim of the day and the choice to take the class or to make a documentation or both

Sensory arwareness - meeting each other - become to know each other

-        Imagery task: to imagine that the people are flowers and to meet them with an open spirit without juging

-        haptic task: touching others

-        everybody touching everybody

-        writing task: 1 person - 1 „processpaper:“ everybody writes something on the paper about the touching as a gift for the person

(communication-form for the participants: all to one)

-        everybody is reading the impressions he got from the others

-        this is a feedback for you at this moment. If there is a resonnance, you can dance this feedbac

Distribution and transformation of informations by different medias: movement, written word, picture

(communication-form: one to all)

everybody can choose: music or not

-        Movement solo without special contact to the spectators

-        Touching everybody personaly

-        Movement solo with looking to the spectators and building up a contact

-        Movement solo with spoken words

Interaction with reflexion of the double role of taking the class and reflecting the own position as a teacher

(Communication-form: everybody to everybody)

-        react to the changement in the room (with music)

-        is there any relation from what you are doing now to what you are doing when you are teaching?

-        the interaction continues + how would you define yourself as a teacher?

-        What kind of teacher are you? How do you feel when you teach?


-        Everybody gets a big „self-portrait-paper“

-        do something that reflects what you get from dancing

-        Write is down or draw it on the paper

-        Search for a good place (without the paper)

Research about the essence of teaching

-        Go deeper and take what you wrote down like a source, like an "essence"

-        How would you share this essence with someone else?

-        Whould you like to share it? Let the answer come to you

-        If you have an idea, come to Defne

-        Share your essence in a partnerwork

(communication-form: one to one)

-        1 moving silently, 1 observing

-        both moving together

-        speaking together

-        1 writing or drawing something for the other

-        both writing or drawing something for the other

Transmission as a form of selfreflexion - exchanging as a form of learning

-        Person 1 writes on the „processpaper“ of person 2 what she/he got/learned from the partner

-        go to your own paper and add something that you liked about the sharing

-        go to your self-portraits-paper and add all your impressions

Changing as a tool for surprising and disturbing habits


-        Circle, in center is a ball

-        look at the circle, unless we are not all convinced that this a perfect circle, we doent start

-        everybody can make a suggestion

-        throw the ball and do not drop the ball, catch it with 1 hand

-        what is my aim?

-        How do I feel?

-        throw and then turn

-        What happens to you if another person lets the ball fall?

-        clap before catching the ball and turn after throwing it

Failure and success

-        Go back to your self-portraits and think about failure and success. Write a moment of success down on your self-portrait

-        Think about a moment of failure, find a form of notation on your paper

-        think of a moment of plaisur, reflect that moment and find a notatio form on your self-portrait

-        lay down on your back, relax and imagine, that the world, the globe is under you (like in the „little prince“).

Reflexion of sources – resources by connecting to self-consciousness, self-acceptance 

-        Think of somebody, that supported you, who made you believe in yourself. Let the person come here in the room and let him ly down at your side and let him help you

-        When you are ready, thank this person and allow her to leave and feel her support

-        Find a notation-form on your self-portrait


(Communication-form: everybody to everybody)

-        Walking around, curiously

-        Bring whatever you got and transmit it physically and look to somebody

-        What are your sources, resources of imagination? What inspires you, what triggers you, so that you feel creative? Find a notation-form on your self-portrait

-        You as a teacher: is teaching an integrating factor in your life? How do you place teaching in your life?


-        All self-portraits are put in the room

-        Look for similarities and differences

Feedback from participants

- speeking


Summary Gitta:

Topic: proposition of a research about teaching


-        making a self-portrait

-        constant transformation with multisensational tasks

-        interaction

-        participated authorship


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