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IDOCs » Documentation of Defne Erdur's class
Two different ways of documenting a class by writing: 1. Class in 42 steps 2. Word by word writing

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 1.      CLASS IN 42 STEPS


  1. People walking in space
  2. Stop and close eyes
  3. Watching people like flowers, with no opinion
  4. Move closer and smell the flowers
  5. Body scan and touch
  6. Generates movement in the space
  7. You touch, you stop, he/shem oves
  8. White papers on the floor
  9. Put your name on the paper and everybody that touched you writes/draws sth on it
  10. Read them
  11. Square in the middle where everybody does a movement presentation in a solo
  12. Source of sound changes the space
  13. Reactions
  14. Put/project sth in the space
  15. Reflect yourself as a teacher and on the relationship with students you usually teach
  16. What you get from dancing?
  17. Find a comfortable space
  18. Go deep into the essence of how you would/could share it (nr.16)
  19. When you get the idea come and stand close to the teacher
  20. Find a partner and share it (nr. 16)
  21. Selfreflection; your partner writes on your paper what he/she discovered
  22. You put on your paper what you apreciated in it for yourself
  23. Take a big paper and add everything through an essential gathering of thoughts to your self portrait
  24. Everybody create a perfect small circle
  25. Breathing together
  26. Passing of the ball through the space and all around the group
  27. Adding instructions to complicate the game
  28. Reflect on the moment of success
  29. Reflect on the moment of failure
  30. Reflect on the time before knowing both (success and failure)
  31. Lie down on the floor with the feeling like you are on the top of the world
  32. Think of someone that supported you and invite him/her to lie down beside you
  33. Thank him/her and allow him/her to leave you
  34. Add this to your self portrait
  35. Start walking around and be curious
  36. Share what you found
  37. Put on paper the sources of your imagination and creativity in life
  38. Is being a teacher an integrating factor in your life
  39. Put the answers on your self portrait paper
  40. Put the completed self portraits in one place in the space – exhibition
  41. Compare the similarities/differences
  42. Brief summary of the class




People walking in the space, searching for their vertical line, stopping, closing the eyes, checking where and how they are, opening eyes, watching others like flowers with no opinion, moving closer, smelling the flowers, body scanning, touching, generating some movement in the space, generating rythm and dynamics, touching the flowers, you stop and he/shem oves, touch everyone, teacher putting white papers on the floor in a circle, stan in front of one paper, write your name on the paper, look around, check who you touched, Petra-if she was touched by you, come to her and write something on her paper, anything, words, as a gift, don't think, just write and you do it for everybody in the circle, think about the preference of the word and the color of the pencil, keep on moving, zooming in and out on the papers, back to your paper, one minute to read it, feedback here and now, in the middle square with the body show it if it's comming to you, tops one minute, close eyes, change in the room, react at that moment, music, reactions in sound and in body, when the music is gone, keep the feeling, put/project something in the space, feel, relation to what you usually teach, does it happen with your students, how you define yourself as a teacher, how do you feel when you teach, do you teach, where do you think you are in your career, take big white papers and pencils, reflect, write, draw on a specific question, this is the starting point of self portrait, what you get from dancing?, find a place in the space where you feel comfortable, go deeper in the essence with closed eyes, if teaching, are you sharing this essence?, how would you share it, if you get the idea how you could, come close to me and stand close to me, go into pairs and share it, different ways, through talking, touching, listening, trying, experimenting, find the small papers and write down about the experience, your partner writes down on your paper what he learned, it's a selfreflection but you give it to her/him, go back to your paper, you add, what you got from her/him, what you appreciated, go to the big paper, add everything we did now, add it to your self portrait, you have two papers, small one – procedure paper, big one – self portrait paper, everybody into a small circle, keep equal distance from the center and from each other, together creating a perfect circle, deep breath together, pass the ball through the space and each other, if it falls, still keep the flow, catching, keep moving, you add spinning when you let go of the ball, how do you feel when you catch or not, add clapping before catching, go back to papers and think about failure and success, think about a moment in your life when you felt it, the yes feeling, and then of a moment that didn't work, a moment of failure, and then a moment without any feeling of both, if you are done, lie on your back, relax, imagine the support of the world as a globe that supports you, you see yourself on the top of it, in thoughts go into someone who has supported you, made you feel whole and believe in yourself, he/she come in the room, by you, tell you that you are capable and enough and you can move on, thank him/her and allow him/her to leave and than add to your self portrait, start walking in the space, be curious, touch things, look at things, put your nose into it, share what you found, bring it, share it with many people, go back to your paper, think of sources for your imagination and creativity, about life, is being a teacher an integrating factor in your life?, how you see it?, and put the answers on your self portrait paper, if you are finished put the completed self portraits in the center on the floor, creating a small exhibition, compare the similarities and differences.

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Lisa Drake Eligible Member // Teacher
I love the intention of healing, acceptance and sharing. The idea of the papers and the self-portrait is a wonderful element I have never considered!

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