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IDOCs » Self portrait- resonances of a class by Defne Erdur
This is an idoc written after the class, Self Portrait, by Defne Erdur. All of them are my personal impressions. Not all of the execises done in class are included in this idoc. Only the ones those stayed most in my body and mind are expressed through sentences.

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There are two papers... 

 One is small....


Touching.....and....watching what he does with that touch.... And writing a word or drawing on his paper about what you have seen....everyone who touched that person does that... Reading your paper and seeing exactly how you felt at that moment....from the writings of the people you don't know at all. This is amazing! 

Dancing a solo from what you read....


The other paper is bigger


What is the meaning of dance to you? ... Share with a partner, explain... While sharing, you get clearer in your mind and you can find out more things in relation to your dance meanings... Joy... Feeling the air... Like a trip, you get into a dialog whatever comes on your way....improvisational state... Play and game.... simplicity is joyfull...

Also, your partner's point of view and her meaning for dance expands your vision... You find the similarities...

Writing and drawing to your partner's paper showed what stayed most in your mind. Reading what she wrote on my paper reflected myself to me and made me even more clearer. Same things we wrote to each other's paper, perhaps, showed the real essence of our dialogue. 

This happened on the smaller paper


Colourful pens opened up a space to express the feelings of the words you are writing. 

Same exercises continued with adding your bigger paper what stayed on your mind from what your partner said. They are the ones that will stay with you, those you chose to stay with you... They are now the included in your meaning of dance. Things are expanding! 


Ball game...

Success and failure...real and best connection from physicality to emotions..... 


Different states of listening, physicality, writing and drawing...sharing, moving and connections, relations, reflections..


The state shifts were quick and one after each other, no pauses, no time for rest and think and no time to dissolve... the question of forced sharing, forced creation and forced doing arose.... But is a class not a forced enviroment anyway? I think instant shifts brought different kind of dynamics to the space and emotions.  You act and give answers more instinctively. So this could, perhaps, was more real for that moment... Not thinking too much on a word or subject could eliminate your habits and emotional patterns you already might have known . And, perhaps,  change the answers you are giving. 

Finally I could see my self portrait of today  from my paper...and...  In the end, when I looked at all the papers, there were many similarities while each of them were very unique.


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