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Sophie Gerard // Teacher
IDOCs » tools to create before putting an IDOC online
Before putting an idoc one line, you can use this idoc based on question. These questions can help you to specify the target of the document, modify it, make it clearer. The game doesn’t consist in answering all the questions in an exhaustive way, but simply using them to have a clearer idea of how it can become a part of the database.

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Who is this document for?


Some students? Which ones?

Some teachers? From what currents ?

Some performers ? Some artists ?

All the people listed before ?


Is it ?

Theoretical ?

Specific ? what specificity ?

Reflexive ? Is it the topic of a forum ?

A personal record?

A public record? Archive ( does it require author rights permit)



About practise ? To experiment? Can it  be used ?

Participative ? Can it  be modified,  can it  evolve on the platform ?

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John Taylor // Teacher
Thanks Sophie.

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Anouk LLaurens Eligible Member // Teacher

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Kerstin Kussmaul Eligible Member // Teacher
hi sophie, this idoc made it into the help section :-)

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Tatiana Galleau // Teacher
Helpfull for new people, thanks

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