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Esra Yurttut // Teacher
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Documentation of Defne Erdur's class I share some of my my experiences as a student and a teacher.

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The most clear averaness of the workshop was  ”timing” (zam”an”lama )

Connection and unity of

Time             zaman

Moment                 an

Understanding    anlama


 1) Why we are dancing? Why and how we are teaching?

 - You can rise your energy

- You can share

- You can spread

- Every thing can be percieved so quick

- It's possible to need more time to live!!!

- You can jump without getting tired


“Timing”concept can be shared when you feel you are at the correct place on the correct moment.



AN (Moment)

ANLAMA (Understanding)


“Be in touch”

“Stay in touch”


With the moment

With yourself

With the space

With others

*As a teacher;

 To be carefull, patient and respectful for the timing of students' relationship with herself, the sensation and  process while you are expressing your instructions clearly without expectation.

 *As a student;

While being awake about the instructions coming from teacher, being open and patient about the reflection process of new sensations on body and mind.

2.Ball game: Make a circe by participants; try to throw it to each other without falling it.

*As a teacher;

I put the rules in a playfull way to create students a confortable place for developing.

I should remember to support and approve my students.

I should remember make them feel my existance.

 *As a student;

I percieved the rules as developing and enjoyable borders for realsing myself.


3. Let your selft to the flor, fell the support of the floor and think about the teacher who supported you for dance.


*As a student;

I noticed that I need the support and aprove of my teacher so much.


4. Walk in the space with curiosity andtry to discover it.


*As a teacher/student;

Should a teacher take the responsibility for new paces that are opened by his/her verbal instructions? Or is the student responsable for the places s/he goes?





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