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IDOCs » Scores of Group 2: Virtual Place For Taking Space #2 / Angela-Gabriela-Sezen
"Virtual Place For Taking Space Residency Group #2 of 8th IDOCDE Symposium 20" Scores of sub-group #2 (Angela Stoecklin, Gabriela Zuarez, Sezen Tonguz)

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Sezen, Gabriela, Angela Suggestion for IDOCDE 2020 

1st session online Participants receive two sets of simple short scores which they can play with between the sessions offline. From each set they can choose to do one, two or all tasks. If they like they can document them, while they do them or after through video, audio, writing, drawing.... We invite participants to be inspired for how to document, and also to develop scores of their own. 

Set 1) rediscovering something anew which is already familiar (in your familiar inside space) 

// Waking - Upon waking up, close your eyes and proceed to perform your morning routine (brushing teeth, showering, making coffee etc. etc.) for 10 – 20 minutes

// Crouched - Place the body into a crouched, (small ball-like) position and with closed eyes walk through your own home / space

// Touch – focus your attention on touch for 10 – 20 minutes while performing your regular daily routines

// Backwards –proceed doing your daily routines with doing all walking backwards for 10 – 20 minutes 

Set 2) discovering something new (in the open outdoor space) 

// A-to-B - With closed eyes, move from one location in the space to the opposite end

// circle - walk a circle backwards while looking up

// distancing / opening up - walk around in public space for 10 – 20 minutes, keep the 2 meters social distancing to people. Do this focusing on distancing. Then do this focusing on opening up towards others. 

2nd session online Participants share their experiences of doing the tasks, and if they want their documentations 


Note for the participants of the symposium: View the sub-group's documentation around these scores here. If you participated in the first session (Tuesday 2020 07 21 (atlantic) / Wednesday 2020 07 22 (pacific)) of this group and/or played with these scores, please feel free to share your documentation in this folder (IDOC Floder "Virtual Place For Taking Space #2 - SANKOFA: Revisiting (In)sigh") OR in the shared google folder if you have difficulty on and could not find answers to your questions by writing to Thank you! 

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