IDOCs » CHAT TRANSCRIPT From Chôra to Choreography
This is the transcript of a chat that emerged during Kerstin Kussmaul's From Chôra to Choreography on Tuesday, 2020 07 21 as part of the 2020 IDOCDE Symposium, MAKING PLACE TAKING SPACE.

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00:19:24 deirdre amirault morris, she/her/they, Ogaa Po’ogeh/Tewa land: As you join, Kerstin is sharing a short piece of writing.
00:20:02 deirdre amirault morris, she/her/they, Ogaa Po’ogeh/Tewa land: She will take questions after she completes reading.

00:29:11 Defne Erdur - Team IDOCDE: This is the text of Kerstin… already in idoc form.

00:29:59 Laura Ríos: Thank you

00:30:12 dagesjuvelierkeates: gorgeous thank you

00:31:32 Lerna Babikyan: seductive talk though somatic discovery, thanks for bringing tighter dimensions !

00:33:05 Defne Erdur - Team IDOCDE: chorography

00:33:45 Victoria Hunter: Really interesting, thank you, I love the reclaiming of active femininity from Plato!

00:35:44 pavleheidler (they/them): You can now find the list of the 2020 IDOCDE symposium DOCUMENTATION FOLDERS here: The list of folders will be updated daily. Each folder will correspond with one event. Please add your documentation of the specific events to the appropriate folder.

00:36:31 Defne Erdur - Team IDOCDE: You are the author of the idoc already on Kerstin… Thank you for developing the idoc

00:37:04 Maria Ines Villasmil: thank you keratin!!

00:38:34 Susan Sentler: absolutely beautiful. Emphasis on the lived in-between, the sensed in-between.

00:40:07 Kerstin Kussmaul:

00:41:00 Sonja: Thanks Kerstin! This was my last conference for today, bye everybody and have a good night ...or day!!!

00:41:02 Kerstin Kussmaul: thank you all for listening and your generosity

00:41:18 Eszter Gal: thank u!!!!

00:41:25 Laura Ríos: Gracias Kerstin! hermoso

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