This is the transcript of a chat that emerged during Ewa Limanowka and Camille Intson's TRANSMITTING / betweenspace on Thursday, 2020 07 23 CEST as part of the 2020 IDOCDE Symposium, MAKING PLACE TAKING SPACE.

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00:42:00 Lo Bil: beautiful

00:42:24 Laura Ríos: SIII

01:04:31 Gabriela Zuarez: I can't restart the video. I must stay off-line

01:05:04 Maria Ines Villasmil: I can not join with my video.. ni idea why!!!
01:05:08 Maria Ines Villasmil: no idea

01:05:40 Susan Sentler: Click on the video icon on your lower left corner (facing the computer).

01:05:48 c516519’s iPhone: seasonal self

01:06:27 cleeni: how do you sub-divide the space in a lock/down....

01:06:37 Gabriela Zuarez: it doesn't lead me back online

01:06:59 cleeni: Ewa— Divide my domestic space to work space.

01:11:02 pavleheidler (they/them): waiting for the light = waiting for the earth to turn

01:12:55 Maria Ines Villasmil: waiting for the earth to come… beautiful!

01:17:33 Federica Fratagnoli: I’m sorry but I have to leave…thanks for sharing your work!

01:23:07 stdance: details, slowness, hyper awake
01:23:20 stdance: regrounding
01:23:55 stdance: you already have evrything inside
01:24:00 stdance: look deeply

01:25:16 Laura Ríos: I love your presentation

01:25:37 c516519’s iPhone: how did you make your aesthetic choices?

01:30:19 pavleheidler (they/them): talking about aesthetics in this context makes me conscious / curious about my own reactions: when did i think, ah, this must be an equivalent of “documentary” and when did i think, ah, this must be an equivalent of “ready-made.”

01:33:51 Susan Sentler: interesting Pavle…the slippage between the documentary and the ready-made…going into a hybrid.

01:35:48 pavleheidler (they/them): hybrid > slippage >> hydro-feminism (further association) thanks for that!

01:35:54 Susan Sentler: well…Zoom is messy, blurry, but then again a whole host of sensations and bodily exploration have this palate.

01:36:14 pavleheidler (they/them): #palate

01:36:36 stdance: coronaing

01:36:43 Susan Sentler: Consider it material, all varied materials, hues.

01:37:53 Laura Ríos: Pavle : hydro-feminism? or you wanted to say hybro-feminism?

01:38:11 Sonja: Creating attention to a detail is working within the LIMIT and allowing Greater exploration...

01:38:24 pavleheidler (they/them): hydbro (!) feminism

01:44:22 Laura Ríos: Camille , can you write down the name of the author you just mentioned? about the body as first technology? sorry , It can be public, jaja

01:44:49 Camille Intson: The article is “The Body in Your Lap” by Tracey Warr :)

01:46:02 Laura Ríos: thank u

01:46:10 Camille Intson: / @camilleintson /!

01:46:15 c516519’s iPhone: thank you!!

01:47:23 Dilek Üstünalan: thank you!

01:47:38 deirdre amirault morris, Ogaa Po’ogeh- occupied Tewa Territory: Lost the sound

01:49:40 Sanaz Ghorbani: thznk you do much :)

01:49:47 Susan Sentler: thank you.

01:49:47 Sonja: Thanks Camille and Ewa!!!

01:49:48 deirdre amirault morris, Ogaa Po’ogeh- occupied Tewa Territory: Thank you!

01:49:52 stdance: thank you!!!

01:49:58 Laura Ríos: thank you so much!

01:49:58 Kinga Brzuchacz: Thank you!

01:50:11 Maria Ines Villasmil: Thanks!

01:50:27 Laura Ríos: the music of the beginning was also great! what was that ?

01:50:28 Ewa Limanowka:

01:50:34 Ewa Limanowka: Thank You so much

01:50:45 Defne Erdur: thank you so much !

01:50:46 Camille Intson: / @camilleintson /!
 Links to betweenspace :)

01:51:03 Gabriela Zuarez: I may not continue for today. I must leave. cheers

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