This is the transcript of a chat that emerged during VIRTUAL PLACE FOR TAKING SPACE #3 on Thursday, 2020 07 23 as part of the 2020 IDOCDE Symposium, MAKING PLACE TAKING SPACE.

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00:38:43 pavleheidler (they/them): chapter 1: (ongoing, self-reflective, collecting, gathering) what “questions” do you have relative to the map? “Questions” can be “written” as statements. “Writing” can be done in movement, or drawing.

00:38:51 pavleheidler (they/them): Chapter 2: (ongoing, self-reflective) what feelings do the questions inspire or provoke?

00:39:38 colleeni: who is going to blow dry their hair?

00:40:56 pavleheidler (they/them): i do not own a blowdrier.

00:41:48 Defne Erdur: I own one but I will not blow it!
00:41:53 Defne Erdur: I will bring it for you to blow

00:43:09 colleeni: What does public and private mean in the new ecology of corona times
00:43:46 colleeni: asks mr hamberger.

00:44:26 Silvia Marchig: what are the platforms that provides neccesary public space now?
00:44:48 Silvia Marchig: how do I watch art from my private space
00:45:01 Silvia Marchig: how do I create art from my private space

00:45:04 pavleheidler (they/them): how to i hatch art from my private space

00:45:13 colleeni: how private?

00:45:24 Silvia Marchig: is my private space touching yours?

00:45:24 Kinga Szemessy: How to live by questions and not to produce them?

00:45:30 colleeni: What do you consider a private space?
00:45:47 colleeni: your computer screen? Your residency? Your bedroom? Your innermost thoughts?

00:46:55 Sayeh Nick: Do you think your privacy is only yours?

00:47:05 Silvia Marchig: what about other people in your house/apartement/shelter while you share your private space in public

00:47:24 Nataša Jurišić: why has to be so much formality...

00:47:30 pavleheidler (they/them): can privacy be awarded?

00:47:55 Maria Ines Villasmil: I cover my eyes so no one can see where my attention is, goes.. this joing away of this frontal reality

00:48:05 Nataša Jurišić: shy no smile

00:48:24 Gabriela Zuarez: there is no private space even when I am off-line when the others are on-line

00:48:28 Defne Erdur: my face is public enough as of now…

00:48:32 Laura Ríos: +how do thoughts and feelings can be felt in the screen?

00:48:56 Gabriela Zuarez: I rather put you out of my space

00:49:34 Marianna Panourgia: can we really feel while being on screen?

00:49:38 Gabriela Zuarez: when I stop listening you I lose the trace on you

00:49:41 Defne Erdur: to wipe out my screen

00:49:43 pavleheidler (they/them): the most symbolic? the frog. i feel the frog.

00:49:57 Gabriela Zuarez: me- myself and I

00:50:05 Defne Erdur: I do not see but I feel the screen

00:50:41 alain caillau: When I touch your image on my screen nothing happen

00:50:47 Defne Erdur: fliessss

00:51:56 Maria Ines Villasmil: My zoom context is 7 cmd nearby.. from far away became 50 cms

00:52:29 pavleheidler (they/them): Chapter 3: (reporting, sharing, relating) What would you like to share? What would you like to make? (sharing as a creative act) (“speaking” in questions)

00:58:06 Defne Erdur: why are we here?
00:58:11 Defne Erdur: because we are here...
00:58:14 Defne Erdur: roll the bones!

00:58:43 Katelyn Skelley: thank you

00:59:02 Gabriela Zuarez: where the performative sinks into me now?

00:59:17 pavleheidler (they/them): (structure) (preparation) alarm <> experience (community) (relationship)

00:59:25 Tomi Kassim: absorbing energy and light

01:00:03 lo bil, she/her: Sylvia’s legs and Laura’s feet

01:00:20 Maria Ines Villasmil: dissipating

01:00:41 Defne Erdur: sadness is welcomed

01:00:48 lo bil, she/her: Who was telling the story of isolation?

01:01:17 Defne Erdur: witnesses were…

01:02:26 Marianna Panourgia: I always perform in public but I feel private in my publicness

01:02:43 Glenna Batson: under the table - cloth - free of surfeillance

01:03:03 Defne Erdur: mirroring the private into the public

01:04:13 Maria Ines Villasmil: head cloth made my ideas warmer an wider ( 70 cms long..)

01:04:50 Glenna Batson: the table is that which governs, the cloth, the slipperiness, the freedom to move without conformity

01:04:51 Gabriela Zuarez: the power of the silence enhances and grounds the sense of 'presence'

01:05:54 cleni:

01:05:57 lo bil, she/her: Radio as gathering spirits

01:06:02 Defne Erdur: under the table, since my childhood, feels safer and refreshening

01:06:02 cleni: Pub= public house....

01:06:07 lo bil, she/her: In the space of the unseen
01:06:49 lo bil, she/her: Radio sound through waves of vibration similar to vibrations I feel when I feel another body next to me

01:07:01 Marianna Panourgia: public space became prohibited and the our private places became public

01:08:37 Maria Ines Villasmil: Sally your voice is so calm.. lovely

01:09:28 lo bil, she/her: “You could show up and be in the crowd but now to be somewhere you have to register… privacy… in physical public space you don’t need to have a profile.” — cleni

01:10:40 pavleheidler (they/them): physical public = ease = blending in

01:11:00 lo bil, she/her: “To keep something outside of judgement or outside of other people’s desire.” —dagesjuvelierkeates

01:11:40 cleni: how under the “cloth” of anonymity….

01:11:42 pavleheidler (they/them): identity = accountability

01:11:56 lo bil, she/her: “Be visible… anonymity is a big question for me” —Kudra

01:12:19 cleni: Some people who are more vulnerable may not be able to be so exposed…….

01:12:50 lo bil, she/her: “I wanted to show you my plant.” —Sally

01:12:54 pavleheidler (they/them): accountability = under who’s law

01:13:17 Kudra (or defne fatuma gael alma hermosa maria minia)
: Thank you lo for catching Kudra!

01:13:59 Defne Erdur: vulner - ability

01:14:07 pavleheidler (they/them): Chapter 4: (partially self-reflective and relating) What would you like to keep? Or: what have you already kept?

01:14:19 cleni: the workmen outside my window are shouting.. it sounds like a kind of song with the underlying sound of the machine churning…. Alleee alleeeee…..

01:14:21 Maria Ines Villasmil: I live with 3 plants, they are now having a nap

01:14:37 lo bil, she/her: Open space here… within racialized geographies… (response to “who’s law”)… within tappable technologies…
01:14:44 lo bil, she/her: ?

01:15:03 Defne Erdur: who is low?

01:15:14 Marianna Panourgia: a profile is not enough

01:15:34 lo bil, she/her: I want to hear the workmen song! Open your mic!

01:15:59 Maria Ines Villasmil: My private space is under renovations, as the public one..this is why my mic is off.

01:16:16 lo bil, she/her: Breath machine of Sayeh

01:16:26 Defne Erdur: What would you like to keep? Or: what have you already kept? — lots of seeds from all around the world …

01:16:27 Silvia Marchig: the whale is present

01:17:04 Laura Ríos: I, she, he. feel less lonely in this zoom times

01:17:38 Katelyn Skelley: My liver

01:17:49 Defne Erdur: my spleen

01:17:55 Silvia Marchig: myovary

01:18:16 Sally E Dean: my heart

01:18:33 lo bil, she/her: My glutes hurt from sitting and squats

01:18:41 Defne Erdur: cat over glenna’s shoulder
01:19:18 Defne Erdur: chased by the black dog in deirdre’s screen

01:19:18 Gabriela Zuarez: soon my private space, will stop being private to become of others as well

01:20:01 Glenna Batson: I welcome everyone to the meal of texture

01:21:29 Sayeh Nick: before I was alone while I was not. now Im not alone while i am

01:21:39 Defne Erdur: dont plug the hair dryer said my partner seeing it in the water bottle! he did not question why I was under the table rolling…

01:23:28 pavleheidler (they/them): i have to say: i was shocked. –– silvia marchig

01:24:23 lo bil, she/her: “We rehearsed in their kitchen… we climbed in their windows… to give your very private space what does it mean to the festival in your town?” —Sylvie

01:25:31 Marianna Panourgia: it’s better when all microphones are open. when mics are closed feels like jumping into someone’s silence

01:25:49 Silvia Marchig: yes!! let's try it

01:26:07 lo bil, she/her: “The guest room kept perfect in case a guest arrived” —Defne
01:27:44 lo bil, she/her: “Performing in the shower and his family watching in the bathroom.” — Maria … who was this? I love this story

01:28:19 Silvia Marchig: Ivo Dimchev

01:28:53 Maria Ines Villasmil: Ivo Dimchecv

01:29:48 pavleheidler (they/them): we are spending 5 minutes in silence
01:29:59 pavleheidler (they/them): 5 minutes of (absolute-zen) silence (take a nap)

01:30:49 Defne Erdur: when everyone is silent here on zoom but my husband is on the phone and the cat miewsss does it count as silent!?

01:31:27 Silvia Marchig: silence is the crickets chant here where I am

01:33:03 Katelyn Skelley: the Macarena song was playing from the church across the street

01:33:52 Nataša Jurišić: There are People working on the field

01:34:12 lo bil, she/her: I want to hear the sounds of your worlds

01:36:12 pavleheidler (they/them): guiding principle
<> rule of the game
<> topic of discussion

01:36:32 lo bil, she/her: I like the excess of statements to describe the game that allowed for our agency to choose our own path through the dynamic

01:36:50 Nataša Jurišić: was that sound of horde?

01:37:02 Laura Ríos: me too, I feel contemplative, pleased to share a this moment with all you, thank you

01:37:16 lo bil, she/her: “What is creativity and how to engage in a conversation creatively? Is this like a conversation?” — pavle
01:38:32 lo bil, she/her: “Something I could not have anticipated”… the openness and patience to be in space and time together

01:38:43 Silvia Marchig: Kinga's cooking is a great anchor of this game

01:38:49 Laura Ríos: I´m happy I found someone, I met her almost 20 years ago, and haven´t had contact since then

01:38:52 Nataša Jurišić: Thanks you for invite me in the game?Silvija&Pavle

01:39:13 Laura Ríos: I love to see and hear Kinga cooking

01:39:16 Maria Ines Villasmil: Calm and in great company

01:39:26 lo bil, she/her: Being in my body and seeing others, imperceptible shifts between interior and exterior

01:40:37 Federica Fratagnoli: happy to share intimacy by creating spaces and exploring memories

01:40:51 Defne Erdur: many temporalities unfolding - dages

01:40:54 pavleheidler (they/them): ) alone together together alone (

01:41:07 lo bil, she/her: “Like in studio… being alone together… many temporalities unfolding.” —dagesjuvelierkeates

01:41:10 deirdre amirault morris, Ogaa Po’ogeh/Tewa: The opportunity to be intimate..?? To share in an intimate way..?? To share intimate space…to be alone together

01:41:45 Laura Ríos: under the used conditions I wouldn´t be able to meet you, gracias, thank you!

01:41:47 lo bil, she/her: “Power of the silence and the listening.” —Gabriela

01:42:36 deirdre amirault morris, Ogaa Po’ogeh/Tewa: yes. Laura. I fee this way too. Grateful for the opportunity to ‘meet’ and share these moments.

01:42:44 lo bil, she/her: “Tension to create something out of nowhere… playful with nothing…”.
01:42:49 lo bil, she/her: —Marianna

01:43:17 Defne Erdur: stream of consciousness — angela

01:43:24 deirdre amirault morris, Ogaa Po’ogeh/Tewa: To share a moment of play. And napping. Like a childs space but for adults!

01:43:26 Silvia Marchig: transcontinental is the new local :))

01:43:57 Laura Ríos: Thanks Deirdre

01:44:07 Defne Erdur: directing my actions, my creativity towards others…

01:44:12 lo bil, she/her: “Stream of consciousness… surprising… I thought it would be reflections but … without expectations… how free I felt… lost behind the screen and then…. Creativity bounced off by the others.” —Angela

01:44:19 deirdre amirault morris, Ogaa Po’ogeh/Tewa: Creativity bounced off of others… Angela

01:45:24 Defne Erdur: I feel very informed — pavleheidler

01:45:29 cleni: i feel very in-formed.. swimming in detail

01:45:38 lo bil, she/her: “What am I admiring that I don’t know I’m admiring? … I feel very informed… swimming through detail… informed and informing… “ pavle

01:46:03 Defne Erdur: do I actually believe in linearity — pavleheidler

01:46:05 lo bil, she/her: “Do I still believe in the linearity?” pavle

01:46:27 cleni: Chapters unlinear....

01:47:08 Silvia Marchig: being in time instead on time

01:47:35 Defne Erdur: non linear but somehow everything makes sense — Maria Ines

01:48:09 cleni: Glenna.. a kind of reverence was there..
01:48:23 cleni: Whatever was being made.. being stimulated by many things

01:48:24 Defne Erdur: by me but was not really me — Glenna

01:48:27 cleni: present and absent

01:48:38 Defne Erdur: I felt free to work with what was present but also what was absent — Glenna

01:48:48 cleni: Of such ‘unknowing” that I felt free to suspend the desire to do or make…

01:50:11 pavleheidler (they/them): creativity as response-ability (note to self) to respond one needs to perceive, aka to feel () creativity as feeling responsibly

01:50:12 cleni: transparency.
01:50:15 cleni: Taht is so needed now..
01:50:44 cleni: to find the spots where we can be more ourselves.. besides our practices… …..Gabriela...........
01:51:44 cleni: We were already aware of the power of this metaphor..Silvia…

01:52:05 Maria Ines Villasmil: thanks to you all

01:53:19 Sanaz Ghorbani: thank you for evrrything, I wsnt able to attebd on time and as
01:53:43 Sanaz Ghorbani: was confused abou the performances, thank you everyone:)))))

01:53:52 Defne Erdur: Teşekkürler

01:53:54 Danica Holoviak-Arehart: Thank you

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