This is the transcript of a chat that emerged during VIRTUAL PLACE FOR TAKING SPACE #2 the COME BACK session on Sunday, 2020 07 26 as part of the 2020 IDOCDE Symposium, MAKING PLACE TAKING SPACE.

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00:48:26 Defne Erdur: louder imani please
00:50:53 Defne Erdur: louder alain please

01:02:08 Laura Ríos: yes I did the one of the blind doing awakening up

01:02:35 Lo Bil: crouching in corners

01:03:31 Defne Erdur: softening the back of the eyes
01:03:50 Defne Erdur: eyes become less prioritiezed or engaged in what I am doing… so the other senses can be more illuminated...

01:04:40 Lo Bil: I have to go to work thank you!

01:04:51 Dilek Üstünalan: thank you

01:05:03 Defne Erdur: thank you lo! feel free to share your experiences in the idoc folder please
01:05:35 Defne Erdur: 
01:06:49 Defne Erdur: there was something in the fridge… I could not recognize… I heard myself -“open your eyes”…. to open my eyes was like receiving a gift...
01:06:57 Defne Erdur: don’t worry laura, you have eyes you can see
01:07:12 Defne Erdur: feeling outside world
01:07:20 Defne Erdur: I want to keep doing!
01:08:01 Defne Erdur: with this I found out a routine!
01:08:11 Defne Erdur: there are seven steps to go to the bathroom
01:08:18 Defne Erdur: that’s very comfortable to have a routine
01:08:57 Defne Erdur: difference between routine and ritual and activity
01:09:27 Defne Erdur: routine feels very fixed — it does not have to be —can have pourosity and discover nuance in it perhaps...
01:09:38 Defne Erdur: ritual too itself can become blocked as well
01:10:07 Defne Erdur: anchor, pathway, sign posts.. what can you discover new between the sign posts
01:10:34 Defne Erdur: rouite, habit...
01:10:40 Defne Erdur: there is still a differentiation...
01:10:54 Defne Erdur: routine — you decide on to do for a certain amount of time
01:11:09 Defne Erdur: habbit — is so embeded in you like a default mode
01:13:55 Defne Erdur: we make habits because of that… so that we do not think about it anymore so that we have space for something else— then I can choose where I want to put my perception on
01:16:00 Defne Erdur: when I loose my vision I end up being in a very rich world full of suprises

01:16:02 Corinne Jola: Habit - Is it not that we think that habits free up space to focus on other things, but if we have developed a habit (which is unconscious), it actually takes freedom away for us to be able to respond to stimuli.

01:16:12 Defne Erdur: when I am blind I do not think that I can have habit
01:16:59 Defne Erdur: had such a sensitivity to light when I had my eyes closed — counter intuitive
01:18:01 Defne Erdur: what we believe the functionality of our senses and what are the options when they are at work
01:18:38 Defne Erdur: morf and rearrange our senses
01:18:43 Defne Erdur: desensitized
01:18:52 Defne Erdur: time and attentiveness
01:20:16 Defne Erdur: rediscovering ones one path in daily routines

01:20:17 Susan Sentler: and we all have a possibility of synesthesia.

01:21:06 Defne Erdur: “Psychiatry, neurology. Synesthesia is a perceptual phenomenon in which stimulation of one sensory or cognitive pathway leads to involuntary experiences in a second sensory or cognitive pathway.” wikipedia
01:22:51 Defne Erdur: post human, post modern tempo
01:23:28 Defne Erdur: vulnerability

01:26:39 Susan Sentler: then in Singapore, on the equator, never changes! Time or climate!

01:26:43 Defne Erdur: traveling to different spaces is related to different timings
01:26:53 Defne Erdur: we are coming from very different places
01:27:41 Defne Erdur: imagining… to be with defne under the tree. alain’s room… how the thinking of you being transported — how does that change our experience
01:28:12 Defne Erdur: in equator the times does not change — always the same time rise and dawn
01:28:44 Defne Erdur: no winds there… when there is a slight wind you feel it so strongly
01:31:11 Defne Erdur: 
01:31:16 Defne Erdur: stay in the predicament
01:31:20 Defne Erdur: don’t find the way out
01:32:51 Defne Erdur: how long are you willing to cope

01:33:00 Dilek Üstünalan: transformative esthetic experience

01:33:46 Defne Erdur: what are the emotions accompanying
01:33:55 Defne Erdur: giving more time to register where we are and why
01:34:03 Defne Erdur: learning processes
01:34:35 Defne Erdur: relearning — anew
01:34:47 Defne Erdur: do something, do it through other senses...

01:34:54 alain caillau: unlearning

01:35:10 Defne Erdur: habituation
01:38:22 Defne Erdur: collaboration of our senses — helps us to reduce the sensitivites to the richness of the environment…
01:38:44 Defne Erdur: only taste with no touch and eyes becomes so interesting with our imagination and emotions
01:39:02 Defne Erdur: containers to restart discovering on and on
01:39:21 Defne Erdur: scores were working in this way… as a container…
01:39:36 Defne Erdur: in order to unlearn something, somewhere I know about
01:39:43 Defne Erdur: I need something to trust in it

01:39:55 Susan Sentler: some kind of anchor, to begin to trust…

01:42:17 Defne Erdur: to enable, to allow something new to arise...
01:43:11 Defne Erdur: the amount of change happens in the atm is amazing
01:43:26 Defne Erdur: stay in the predicament — sometimes the predicament is change…
01:43:36 Defne Erdur: its not balance anymore… constant rebalancing
01:43:42 Defne Erdur: equilibrium of change!

01:43:47 Susan Sentler: in order to find stability is through instability

01:43:53 Defne Erdur: calbiration…
01:43:57 Defne Erdur: calibration

01:44:52 Corinne Jola: thank you all!

01:45:17 Tomi Kassim: Thankyou you all for this interesting experience.

01:45:31 Defne Erdur: what is an habbit? everyday is different…
01:46:24 Defne Erdur: Deborah Hay

01:46:40 Sezen Tonguz: WHAT IF… <3

01:48:00 Defne Erdur: taken things for granted
01:48:13 Defne Erdur: I moved from where I used to be

01:48:14 Sezen Tonguz: I had to be just a listener today. Thank you all very much for inspiring thoughts.

01:48:16 Susan Sentler: you can carry the practice with you anywhere, any time…you decide, and decide how much how little.

01:48:19 Dilek Üstünalan: what size is a door?

01:48:40 Defne Erdur: don’t fight anymore!

01:49:32 Susan Sentler: surrender…another Deborah Hay…

01:50:26 Dilek Üstünalan: attitude towards trouble

01:50:31 Susan Sentler: attitude towards the trouble…

01:50:51 Defne Erdur: how do I stay with the trouble
01:52:09 Defne Erdur: Staying with the Trouble: Making Kin in the Chthulucene by Donna J. Haraway… 

01:52:20 Defne Erdur: actively being inactive

01:52:42 Susan Sentler: was it this…

01:54:45 Defne Erdur: its not the same when I do myself… its different when there are others listening...
01:55:01 Defne Erdur: this is the symposium… this is not my daily life!
01:55:25 Defne Erdur: value of being together… being listened… being heard...

01:55:26 Susan Sentler: SYNOPSIS of “walk with me”
"Slow down and breathe. This contemplative journey follows in the steps of Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh and is a rare insight into life within a monastic community. The sun rises. Everything is calm and still. Life is beautifully serene as Benedict Cumberbatch’s composed, meditative voice reads an extract from Thich Nhat Hanh’s early journals. So begins Max Pugh and Marc J Francis' (Black Gold, LFF2006) fascinating and immersive exploration of what it means to devote one’s life to mindfulness. With unprecedented access to the famous secluded monastery of Plum Village in the South West of France, Walk With Me captures the daily routine and rituals of monks and nuns on a quest to develop a deep sense of presence. It is an insightful rumination on the pursuit of happiness, living in the present and our attachment to material things – a welcome remedy to the stresses of city life and a world in turmoil."

01:56:35 Susan Sentler: the interaction, conversation allows us a fuller embodied understanding.

02:01:30 Defne Erdur: thank you susan
02:01:33 Defne Erdur: thank you laura
02:02:11 Defne Erdur: woow please post this photo on our idoc

02:02:19 Susan Sentler: thank you all so very much for this moment. For your knowledge, curiosity and generosity. stay well, safe and creative…x

02:02:36 Dilek Üstünalan: 

02:03:46 Tomi Kassim: Amazing experience to get me thinking . . . .

02:03:55 Defne Erdur: thank you tomi

02:04:54 Defne Erdur: I have to continue with this… there is a breeze, something coming in… the possibilities are really there—

02:05:06 Defne Erdur: viva idocs and google docs and whatsapp

02:06:40 Angela Stoecklin: see you soon next time .-) Angela

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