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This is the transcript of a chat that emerged during the closing assembly on Sunday, 2020 07 26 CEST as part of the 2020 IDOCDE Symposium, MAKING PLACE TAKING SPACE.

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00:17:56 Dilek Üstünalan: feedback survey: 

00:18:56 Defne Erdur: Documentation Folders Link :

00:27:31 Angela Stoecklin: the comfort of togetherness

00:30:42 dagesjuvelierkeates: many fluid bodies converging in ours!

00:30:43 Marianna Panourgia: thank you pavle!

00:37:36 Kerstin Kussmaul: chôra
00:37:41 Kerstin Kussmaul: chorography
00:37:43 Kerstin Kussmaul: choreography

00:38:00 dagesjuvelierkeates: unclaimed spaces, liminal spaces

00:39:27 pavleheidler (they/them): domestic dancing from a historical perspective (temporal)

00:39:43 Defne Erdur: other score : measure places with your body parts

00:39:56 Susan Sentler: corner…partly closed, partly open

00:40:32 Dilek Üstünalan: I'm moving within future

00:40:49 pavleheidler (they/them): a living example

00:40:59 Dilek Üstünalan: how to walk backwards into the future?

00:41:11 Defne Erdur: my anchesters are there in front of me in circular movements as I go back into the future
00:42:35 Defne Erdur: how to expand the somatic into the shamanic OR how shamanic is somatics are already?!

00:44:06 Susan Sentler: from Jodie

00:45:30 Silvia Marchig: Poetry as methodology

00:46:19 Susan Sentler: pavle’s image from crossings…
00:47:44 Susan Sentler: and the idea of the different relationship to the screen, the resting, napping body…a softer exchange.

00:49:59 Defne Erdur: artful children under the table...
00:50:18 Defne Erdur: authentic sharings
00:51:16 Defne Erdur: intercontinential

00:51:28 Maria Ines Villasmil: Embracing change while is happening

00:53:08 Dilek Üstünalan: between space
00:53:23 Dilek Üstünalan: degrees of privacy

00:53:34 Kerstin Kussmaul: a metaphorical veil

00:54:52 Susan Sentler: and about levels of embodiment or disembodiment in relationship to technology. The body itself could be considered technology.

00:55:17 Kerstin Kussmaul: home is where you can invite people in

00:55:22 deirdre amirault morris, tewa: Met through memory of meetings in the people in our homes…home in the body…

00:55:29 pavleheidler (they/them): degrees of “private”: living room, bedroom, bathroom, a nail clipping, not just a sink but a dirty sink, etc.

00:55:34 Dilek Üstünalan: home is only a home if you can invite people in
counter-virality: I can't breathe
universal right to breathe - for all living beings

what is the most important thing that I can't live without?
not knowing what?

how do you define a stranger?
we need somatic practices to survive in pandemic (ie. social distancing, not touching your face...)

00:55:57 dagesjuvelierkeates: is the private always associated with the bodily? with shame? is it always gendered?

00:56:02 deirdre amirault morris, tewa: How this know how/embodied practices can be beneficial in these times.
00:56:19 deirdre amirault morris, tewa: Insomnia of capitalism
00:56:33 deirdre amirault morris, tewa: How what ever is offered is so quickly consumed

00:57:44 Dilek Üstünalan: lineages

00:59:01 Susan Sentler: acknowledging lineages, and acknowledging when triggered, stimulated by something, someone to go somewhere else.

00:59:29 Sonja Bologna Italy:
people can have an interest in movement at any stage of their life

01:00:40 Defne Erdur: intimate unfolding of insights and secrets

01:06:07 deirdre amirault morris, tewa: Making coffee in the kitchen…

01:06:36 Kerstin Kussmaul: 1st line 1 word – a thought, an object, color, smell
2nd line 2 words – what does the word of line 1 do?
3rd line 3 words – where or how is the word of line 1? (an attribute, a quality)
4th line 4 words – what do you mean?
5th line 1 word – a conclusion
1st line 1 word – a thought, an object, color, smell

01:08:57 Kerstin Kussmaul: cinquain

01:09:23 Silvia Marchig: cinquina in italian

01:09:56 Susan Sentler: cinque = 5 in italian

01:11:03 Kerstin Kussmaul: Snow
01:11:10 Kerstin Kussmaul: Silent, white
01:11:27 Kerstin Kussmaul: Dancing, falling, drifting
01:11:43 Kerstin Kussmaul: Covering everything it touches
01:11:55 Kerstin Kussmaul: Blanket

01:15:30 pavleheidler (they/them): ancestral
01:15:34 pavleheidler (they/them): fluid movement
01:15:43 pavleheidler (they/them): intimate acknowledging, stimulating
01:15:57 pavleheidler (they/them): triggering the private engendering
01:16:04 pavleheidler (they/them): the public

01:16:16 ira ferris: Water
Washes dirt
Crystal clear, purifying
New start, fresh thought/s
Beginning, nakedness

01:16:43 Sonja Bologna Italy: Ombra

01:16:44 Silvia Marchig: Ghosts

01:16:49 Sonja Bologna Italy: Guardinga, scura

01:16:49 Lo Bil: home

01:16:55 Sonja Bologna Italy: segue,avvolge,inventa

01:16:57 Silvia Marchig: approaching, singing

01:17:04 Sonja Bologna Italy: amplia tutto quello che incontra

01:17:11 Lo Bil: rigorous nurturance

01:17:14 Sonja Bologna Italy: Mantello

01:17:16 Silvia Marchig: generous, circling backwards
01:17:27 Silvia Marchig: as if they wander

01:17:31 Lo Bil: opening supporting enveloping

01:17:32 Angela Stoecklin: track

01:17:41 Lo Bil: where we return to

01:17:42 Angela Stoecklin: lead on, guide

01:17:42 Silvia Marchig: Directions

01:17:44 Lo Bil: body

01:17:49 deirdre amirault morris, tewa: A quiet symphony

01:17:59 Marianna Panourgia: wave
deep pure
connects transports transforms
taking worries away

01:18:01 Angela Stoecklin: transitioning, connecting, groupding,
01:18:14 Angela Stoecklin: facilitator of movement

01:18:16 Maria Ines Villasmil: Togertheness

01:18:17 Angela Stoecklin: process

01:18:26 deirdre amirault morris, tewa: Sunrise

01:18:31 Dilek Üstünalan: home
welcoming, securing
warm, intimate, restrictive
both embracing and blocking

01:18:32 Susan Sentler: nest

01:18:38 Defne Erdur: swing
distant, easy
regulating, clarifying, orienting
bringing me to me

01:18:42 Tomi Kassim: heart, heart beating commanding everything to restore and reset

01:18:52 Kerstin Kussmaul: ancestors

01:18:53 deirdre amirault morris, tewa: Sunrise, paddling, moving softly, with little sound, a quiet symphony

01:18:57 Lo Bil: (because there’s no return between the lines, there’s only send)

01:19:06 Susan Sentler: nest…support, fold…suspended, intertwined, connected…embracing all within it…home

01:19:19 Kerstin Kussmaul: ancestors - walk backwards - fluid bodies converging - where we return to - future memory

01:19:30 Angela Stoecklin: track _ lead on, guide _ transitioning, connecting, grounding _ facilitator of movement _ process

01:19:45 pavleheidler (they/them): (an inter-sectional poetry writing workshop)

01:19:52 Sonja Bologna Italy: Ombra
Guardinga, scura
Segue, avvolge, inventa
Amplia tutto quello che incontra

01:20:03 Tomi Kassim:, reversing

01:20:40 Silvia Marchig: Duhovi - prilaze, pjevaju - kruže unatrag - kao da traže - smjer

01:21:42 Defne Erdur: göç
kanlı, yakın
dağınık, bozuk, ürkütücü
dilleri unutturan yerleri sallayan

01:22:07 dagesjuvelierkeates: play/public's pubis/please explode casually/put the inside out/pop

01:22:09 Susan Sentler: fold…3-dimensional, bend…infinite, wayfaring, fluid…cellular

01:23:46 Corinne: Capitalism Cold steel, acidic smoke Individual thought and breath is imprisoned bodies pushed through a narrowing one way street Some fall off a cliff and die Relentless Killing Capitalism

01:24:06 Gabriela Zuarez: mintblue
about breathing
spacious, intangible, floating...
a vital moving action

01:25:03 Laura Ríos: amanecer, gallos, pájaros, beautifulness of the awakening, siento una puerta abierta de par en par, inside and outside, tuned hearts. Gratitude in cells tuned with yours, a tumbling right below me to jump and jump and jump!

01:25:04 Gabriela Zuarez: sweet of you Pavle

01:25:58 pavleheidler (they/them): ?

01:33:39 Defne Erdur: country that exists for 5 days…

01:33:45 Corinne: thank you so much! i am very hungry and need to switch off now. it really helped me to reflect on space... and the importance of the neighbour...
01:33:49 Corinne: bye!

01:34:03 Defne Erdur: thank you corinne

01:39:40 dagesjuvelierkeates: thank you all so much for this wonderful week of togetherness and creativity. it’s been deeply nourishing and i hope to cross many paths with you again. i must go to parenting now. thank you so much organizers!

01:40:04 Kerstin Kussmaul: thank you ages!
01:40:10 Kerstin Kussmaul: dages

01:40:14 pavleheidler (they/them): ❤️

01:42:47 Lo Bil: Laura’s famous sofa!

01:43:46 Maria Ines Villasmil: A Doce… 11 + 1

Here and now
Zoom stretched reality between us

A Doce… 11 + 1

Here and now
Zoom stretched reality between us



01:45:32 pavleheidler (they/them): killing me softly, the mosquito edition

01:48:31 Silvia Marchig: they are pretty acctually, the plates

01:48:52 pavleheidler (they/them): ?

02:01:32 Silvia Marchig: Time - owned by nobody - contracts, stretches, flows - i remember your touch - a circle
02:02:37 Silvia Marchig: the palms are majestic!!

02:03:48 ira ferris: Thank you everyone, I need to leave now. Take care and look forward to connecting again. Here’s a reply to Silvia’s poem in Croatian :-)
02:03:51 ira ferris: Smjer
Pokazuje put
Na raskrizju, pomaze
Vodi nas u novi pravac
Ponekad na raskrizju biramo izmedu vise smjerova

02:04:12 Silvia Marchig:02:04:14 Silvia Marchig: Hvala!

02:04:25 Kerstin Kussmaul: Bye Ira! Greetings to Sydney!
02:06:27 Kerstin Kussmaul: Gabriela! Can you wait a moment? Tomi needs to leave in a moment and is jumping in

02:07:06 Gabriela Zuarez: no problem guys!

02:08:53 Lo Bil: The bed becomes a spaceship!!!

02:09:08 Susan Sentler: which gallery???
02:14:52 Susan Sentler: I am so sorry. I have a meeting that I need to attend now, so must go. However will see you all later. Thank you all once again. x

02:17:13 Sonja Bologna Italy: On Patience
We must, to things,
leave your own quiet, undisturbed evolution
that comes from within them
and that can be nothing
forced or accelerated.
Everything is: to complete
and then give birth.
You have to be patient
towards the irresoluteness of the heart
and try to love the questions themselves
as locked rooms and as books
which are written in a language we just don't know.
It is about living everything.
When you live the questions,
maybe, slowly, you end,
without realizing it,
by living inside the answers
hidden in a day we don't know.

(Rainer Maria Rilke)

02:17:40 Silvia Marchig: Grazie Sonia!!

02:17:42 pavleheidler (they/them): sonja: i can’t show you the house becuase i have a PC but i would like to send to you. … here is a poem by maria rilke, which is a conclusion for me today.

02:17:50 Gabriela Zuarez: difficulties to listen to you. problems with the sound

02:18:05 pavleheidler (they/them): sonja: pleae keep a part of the next symposium online for those who cannot come.

02:18:08 Defne Erdur: Thank you Sonja for your poem..

02:18:56 Sonja Bologna Italy: Thank Pavl for the translation!

02:19:16 pavleheidler (they/them): no problem, i hope i got everything.

02:19:39 Sonja Bologna Italy: Yes!!!

02:22:55 alain caillau: Thank you Sonja for the poem so realistic

02:23:10 Laura Ríos: Thanks Sonja!!

02:28:48 Defne Erdur: Teşekkürler Marianna…
02:32:44 Defne Erdur: Maria IneS?
02:32:52 Defne Erdur: yes she started

02:35:34 alain caillau: Giving somebody a chance

02:36:38 Laura Ríos: Thank very much Kerstin for giving me this beautiful chance
02:37:26 Laura Ríos: thanks Pavle for your somatic generosity and freshness

02:37:27 Lo Bil: “Where in my body is the sensation that I have danced?” —Pavle

02:38:15 Laura Ríos: What is this thing that we love?
02:39:13 Laura Ríos: what is this precious thing that I can live without?
02:39:37 Laura Ríos: that I can´t live without!

02:40:08 Lo Bil: the right to keep on working
fighting for the privilege to keep on working
only thing we want is to have another day at it
we are not trying to catch it, because catching with change it
we are organized enough to let go when the time is right to let go so we can listen and be taken and be changed.

02:44:03 Laura Ríos: how do I make a path?

02:44:27 deirdre amirault morris, tewa: Wela’lieg is loosely translated to ‘many thanks’. It is a phrase that acknowledges a deep feeling of gratitude that someone has put themselves at risk to care for our shared reality; That we were being compromised by outside forces, needed assistance to shift and make us all safer, and assistance was given with humanity & grace.

02:45:18 Laura Ríos: I am nobody without the ¨we¨

02:45:23 Defne Erdur: I read somewhere that it was “many thanks to many people”…

02:45:55 Maria Ines Villasmil: thank you Deirdre

02:45:56 Lo Bil: “The we is the space between us.” —Barak Ade de Soleil

02:46:05 Maria Ines Villasmil: very touching poem..

02:46:07 Laura Ríos: Thanks Defne for your joy and smile, and always dispuesta, ävailable”

02:46:25 Defne Erdur: thank you laura!!!

02:46:41 Laura Ríos: thanks Deirdre for your tenderness, I love your voice and hospitalidad,
02:47:10 Laura Ríos: thanks all!!

02:47:40 Sonja Bologna Italy: Thanks all of you! I hope to see you physically or via zoom next year!!!Ciao...

02:47:55 Kerstin Kussmaul: sobremesa

02:48:17 Defne Erdur: teşekkürler
02:48:19 Defne Erdur: merci
02:48:23 Defne Erdur: gracias

02:49:00 Marianna Panourgia: ευχαριστω!

02:49:47 Defne Erdur: efcharistó glicamu!

02:50:18 Kerstin Kussmaul: nga mihi

02:50:32 Defne Erdur: Turkey

02:50:54 deirdre amirault morris, tewa: Wela’lieg is loosely translated to ‘many thanks to many people’. It is a phrase that acknowledges a deep feeling of gratitude that someone has put themselves at risk to care for our shared reality that I we are being compromised by outside forces we need assistance to shift and make us all safe.

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