This is the transcript of a chat that emerged during Deirdre Amirault Morris and Melina Seldes' the CASSIOPEIA score on Saturday, 2020 07 25 CEST as part of the 2020 IDOCDE Symposium, MAKING PLACE TAKING SPACE.

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00:32:44 deirdre amirault morris, Ogaa Po'ogeh: INSTRUCTIONS for: Cassiopeia Constellation Conversation
w/ Melina Seldes & deirdre amirault morris

4 groups of people:

For everyone:
Please put your camera on non participation; no cameras no mic; only see the group of folks we are focusing on at a time when we begin.
00:33:20 deirdre amirault morris, Ogaa Po'ogeh: Speakers (5)

Speakers should have good lighting in their faces, paying attention to back light and preferably head, hands and torso should be visible.
It is important that there is good sound quality.
Five speakers will alternate between questions and answers.
It is important that answers/questions are answered in the moment, without preparation.

Remember that you only ask a question or give an answer.
Person A: question
Person B: answer
Person C: question
Person D: answer
Person E: question
Person A: answer
And so forth…

ANSWERS: no more than 2 minutes
Moderators will let you know about the time.
40minutes of Q&A

Seeding question for person A to begin the conversation: ‘What is your secret hope that you are not talking about right now, about how you are seeing/experiencing/feeling the world?’
00:34:21 deirdre amirault morris, Ogaa Po'ogeh: Documenters (6-8)

There are 2 groups of documenters.
Group A: Looking at body language
Group B: Looking at content.

Before starting the documenters and their groups will be defined.
Documenters will look and listen to speakers and document in any format, written, drawings, sketches, graphics, etc.
It is important that before starting you take the materials that you will need (papers, markers, tapes, etc).
You can create as many pieces of documentation as you wish.
The important thing is that you send them as you finish each: 1) Take a picture with your phone 2) Send them via whatsapp:

You will have 50 minutes to document (40 minutes of Q&A plus 10 more minutes to finish your ideas)
00:35:25 deirdre amirault morris, Ogaa Po'ogeh: Placers (3-4)
Placers will receive all documents as they are being made, and will arrange a live digital installation.
The installation will be available online in the following link:
Screen share from main person receiving: pavleheidler
00:36:12 deirdre amirault morris, Ogaa Po'ogeh: Documenters send documents to:
00:37:12 deirdre amirault morris, Ogaa Po'ogeh: The final doc will be posted in the idoc here:

00:38:22 Velvet Squid: I’ll be a spectator as I’m afraid my phone may die!

00:39:00 c516519’s iPhone: me too sorry, ill have to be a spectator too.

00:43:02 Nita Little: I will be a speaker

00:43:30 Lo Bil: What is the number for pavle?

00:43:42 Defne Erdur:

00:43:50 Maria Ines Villasmil: I want to be in the documenting team (body language)

00:44:00 deirdre amirault morris, Ogaa Po'ogeh: Speakers: Defne, Laura, Pablo, Nita, Gabriela

00:44:41 Eszter Budapest 8 pm: body doc

00:44:49 Dilek Üstünalan: content documentor

00:44:57 deirdre amirault morris, Ogaa Po'ogeh: Maria and Ezter body documenting

00:45:01 Lo Bil: Content documenter

00:45:12 deirdre amirault morris, Ogaa Po'ogeh: Dilek & lo content documenters

00:45:19 Kamnoush Khosrovani: Should we decide or can we shift?

00:45:37 Lo Bil: My WhatsApp goes by phone numbers

00:45:55 pavleheidler (they/them): i would prefer to receive emails, please. if that’s okay.

00:46:01 Lo Bil: Okay!

00:46:05 Maria Ines Villasmil: ok

00:46:06 Defne Erdur: are the documenters whatsapping? attaching here on chat? or email

00:46:11 deirdre amirault morris, Ogaa Po'ogeh: Alain & Mariana body documenter
00:46:30 deirdre amirault morris, Ogaa Po'ogeh: Angela content documenter

00:46:46 Defne Erdur:

00:46:57 Kamnoush Khosrovani: I’ll go for the content

00:49:37 Susan Sentler: what is a placer?

00:50:31 Lo Bil: Pavle do you want a specific subject heading

00:50:57 Susan Sentler: somewhat of a curator…

00:51:00 pavleheidler (they/them): that won’t be necessary.

00:54:11 deirdre amirault morris, Ogaa Po'ogeh: Defne A Nita B Laura C Pablo D Gabriela E
00:58:31 deirdre amirault morris, Ogaa Po'ogeh: First question: ‘What is your secret hope that you are not talking about right now, about how you are seeing/experiencing/feeling the world?’
00:59:25 deirdre amirault morris, Ogaa Po'ogeh: Free of the weight of it…do not want to cling onto…trust the unknown trust the gap…find the joy and curiosity of waiting for the next thing to appear
01:00:22 deirdre amirault morris, Ogaa Po'ogeh: Are there gaps and do they support you?
01:00:35 deirdre amirault morris, Ogaa Po'ogeh: Gap: a moment of unknown
01:01:35 deirdre amirault morris, Ogaa Po'ogeh: Do not know how to make a living…screaming everywhere..percarious position…
01:01:46 deirdre amirault morris, Ogaa Po'ogeh: When lockdown happened I found people to support
01:02:01 deirdre amirault morris, Ogaa Po'ogeh: Raise a child was away due to lock down

01:05:42 A: under very heavy dictatorship
01:10:45 A: can we ring a bell for 15 secs...

01:11:36 Kamnoush Khosrovani: Are we supposed to send the documents before their discussion finishes?

01:12:25 deirdre amirault morris, Ogaa Po'ogeh: Yes, kamnoush send your docs as you complete them
01:12:30 deirdre amirault morris, Ogaa Po'ogeh: So they are sent in real time

01:13:35 Kamnoush Khosrovani: Ok
01:13:36 Kamnoush Khosrovani:

01:13:48 pavleheidler (they/them): exactly, thank you

01:20:10 deirdre amirault morris, Ogaa Po'ogeh: I am ringing a bell when time to end your thoughts..

01:29:31 A: smart move laura
01:31:14 A: body changing with age
01:31:19 A: body aching with age
01:31:58 A: I understand the feeling
01:32:07 A: to be in this body right now
01:33:17 A: age is art of our nature…

01:34:40 Velvet Squid: that was so beautiful! thank you!!

01:35:32 deirdre amirault morris, Ogaa Po'ogeh: Beautiful conversation!!
01:35:37 deirdre amirault morris, Ogaa Po'ogeh: Thank you speakers!!

01:35:48 Melina Seldes: <3

01:36:19 Defne Erdur: It always is this format!!! I am so thankful to Victoria who have proposed it upon many other scores we created in our residdency 2 years ago and for Deirdre and Melina for bringing it up online here — folding of time!!! Thank you

01:37:22 Kerstin Kussmaul: why is it called cassiopeia?

01:37:38 Defne Erdur: because of the w shape of the constellation when we sit like that offline

01:38:06 Kerstin Kussmaul: ah…i thought of the greek drama!!

01:38:13 Defne Erdur: we do not sit in a circle

01:38:33 Susan Sentler: Overlap of the edges

01:39:08 deirdre amirault morris, Ogaa Po'ogeh: The history of the cassiopeia constellation conversation: It began in 2018 with a series of proposals in our group residency at IDOCDE in Vienna at Impulstanz. It was Melina, Defne, Patrick, Victoria, & Deirdre. Our group focused a bit on storytelling and ways to tell/share/produce stories..

01:39:09 Susan Sentler: Through the conversation, the shaping of the space became more round, more circular

01:39:18 Eszter Budapest 8 pm: I need more time, as I made drawings… but i am not so fast making photos and send them,.. anyhow i try

01:40:17 deirdre amirault morris, Ogaa Po'ogeh: Share them as you can Ezter, we will be placing them as they arrive. So it is ok if they arrive after we begin placing.

01:40:51 Susan Sentler: I ended up drawing one map of the whole, sometimes in direct association, other marks more fluid…enjoyed doing it!
01:41:04 Susan Sentler: thank you.

01:42:47 Melina Seldes: THANK YOU ALL

01:43:44 Susan Sentler: lovely…feels very isolated, whispered

01:44:41 Eszter Budapest 8 pm: I could send all :-)

01:45:33 Melina Seldes: Yes, Eszti

01:45:57 Kamnoush Khosrovani: :)) lovely seems like the the sky is breathing

01:46:06 Eszter Budapest 8 pm: so so great to do this together

01:47:08 Defne Erdur: I am so happy to witness silently what you were doing pavle
01:47:12 Defne Erdur: I trust your flow

01:47:31 Susan Sentler: the overlay of images is nice

01:49:04 dagesjuvelierkeates: so cool!

01:49:09 Maria Ines Villasmil: such a beauty Pavle…

01:49:16 dagesjuvelierkeates: what are you doing this in pavle?

01:49:19 Maria Ines Villasmil: love that is so simple

01:49:33 Kamnoush Khosrovani: As relaxing it was to listen and to document, this part is really exciting!!!

01:50:34 Melina Seldes: WOW!!! Its so exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!!

01:51:01 Defne Erdur: alys?

01:51:54 Melina Seldes: it was Pablo

01:52:53 Susan Sentler: I’m taking screen shots along the way as you are creating. x

01:52:53 dagesjuvelierkeates: prolific!
01:53:07 dagesjuvelierkeates: i like to watch :)

01:53:15 Defne Erdur: same here
01:53:29 Defne Erdur: We do not have a following event :-)

01:53:31 Kerstin Kussmaul: i like to watch the creation

01:53:53 Susan Sentler: thank you all very much!!!

01:54:48 Lo Bil: Thank you for this generous offering!!! Thanks to the speakers !!!

01:54:59 Maria Ines Villasmil: thank you!!!!!

01:55:04 Kamnoush Khosrovani: Thank you this was a lovely experience to share! Thank you for the space and all you shared! so touched!!

01:55:05 Defne Erdur: thank you all

01:55:16 E: thank you very much to you?

01:55:29 Marianna Panourgia: thank you all it is an amazing experience!!

01:55:41 B: Thank you Dierdre and everyone. I loved this time of listening, talking, framing questions. It was quite wonderful and deep.

01:55:41 C: Thank you Melinda and Deirdre, thank you all! thanks for the gift Melinda, is beautiful

01:55:43 Eszter Budapest 8 pm: i also do like to follow this process… taking screenshots :-)

01:55:52 deirdre amirault morris, Ogaa Po'ogeh:
01:56:07 deirdre amirault morris, Ogaa Po'ogeh: The idoc for this event.

01:56:14 E: I am still following

01:56:19 Kerstin Kussmaul: what is the program pavle is using?

01:56:23 B: Yes, Thank you Melinda. I loved this opportunity. Thank you to all for your care.

01:56:55 Lo Bil: Is pavle using canva or ?

01:57:21 deirdre amirault morris, Ogaa Po'ogeh: scapple

01:57:24 Lo Bil: scapple

01:58:14 Susan Sentler: working with it beautifully, quite intuitively.

01:58:15 Defne Erdur: we also have the follow up of the residency 2

01:59:03 c516519’s iPhone: really cool. gives me some ideas for my teaching from working with real materials to do stuff online as a collaboration. thanks!

02:00:32 Defne Erdur: thank you pavle

02:01:58 alain caillau: Bravo Pavle Bravo everyone for making that

02:02:21 Susan Sentler: bravissimo Pavle!

02:02:21 Eszter Budapest 8 pm: yes, congrats!

02:02:26 Kamnoush Khosrovani: I should sign off! Thank you everyone for this beautiful experience! To speaker and hosts!

02:02:48 Lo Bil: There is also MIRO

02:02:48 C: Gracias Pavle!

02:03:04 c516519’s iPhone: great! beautiful and connective. thank you

02:03:10 Lo Bil: MIRO you can make an infinite canvas

02:03:37 dagesjuvelierkeates: a really touching and beautiful event! thank you~ so excited to see tomorrow what it becomes!

02:03:38 Maria Ines Villasmil: thank you Pavle…

02:03:42 Susan Sentler: expanded archiving!

02:03:47 Susa Muzler: Thanks all of you, that i could participate

02:03:53 Maria Ines Villasmil: Thank everybody… lovely experience

02:04:03 Eszter Budapest 8 pm: thank you all!
02:04:30 Eszter Budapest 8 pm: I can not join tomorrow, so this way a beautiful way to complete this Symp!

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