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Defne Erdur Eligible Member // Teacher
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This idoc is created with the intention of giving voice to all the gourmet "chefs" involved in the preperation process of this web dish called IDOCDE. An ambitious 3 days in istanbul... talking, writing... adding a pinch of dancing... stirring & tasting the website... trying to digest & sleep at night, fixing the key teachers menu in the morning; i.e. trying real hard to provide the basic necessities for this dancing kitchen- this web based culinary of a kind. All to welcome you the "chefs" of contemporary dance education; to share ideas, tools, resources and enthusiasm! Here we are with the fastest editing - for a rapid kick off -- with your kind understanding.

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The following images were shot by one of idocde's key teachers (Beliz D. Cihandide) & her baby to be born and fast edited by one of idocde's videocapped documentor (me) with good intentions ...

... to congratulate all the participants of Istanbul Mentors Meeting, that has taken place in April, 2012; following the Preparatory Meeting in Vienna in January 2011 and London Mentors Meeting in October 2011.

... and to thank all the institutions that have hosted IDOCDE respectively up until now - Wiener Tanzwochen, Independent Dance & MSGSU, State Conservatory Contemporary Dance Department and last but not least European Union Lifelong Learning Programme for supporting us to realize this promising project.

You will be watching glimpses of 13 Mentors (Charlotte Darbyshire, Defne Erdur, Eszter Gal, Fiona Millward, Inaki Azpillaga, Jan Burkhardt, John Taylor, Kerstin Kussmaul, Maja Delak, Malcolm Manning, Rasmus Ölme, Sophie Gérard, Stephanie Maher), one and only Web Master (Amir Safari) 3 Administrators (Andreas Barth, Francien Eppens, Tatiana Galleau) and 3 Key teachers (Aydın Teker, Pia Lindy, Sylvia Scheidl) trying to meet the demands of IDOCDE… trying to agree on the ingredients, tools and ways to prepare it for you!

Al DiMeola will be accompanying you with his piece called July...

Bon appetit! 

3 days in 5 mins

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Defne Erdur Eligible Member // Teacher
All "cordon bleu" of IDOCDE, please feel free to put on your caps and bring in your visual recipes to this humble idoc kitchen of mine.

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Andreas Barth // Admin
wow! what a wonderful documentation of the idocde-meeting in istanbul! I really love the cutting ;-)

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