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IDOCs » Three interviews about "The two side of touch + drawings feedback environment",
After the class i gave for the IDOCDE meeting, in Stoltzenhagen "The two side of touch + drawings feedback environment", I made a video interview of five participants. I was curious to know how they where translating their tactile experience into drawing , if they had a strategy and could describe it to me. Here are three of them without much editing.

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Here are the interviews of Clint Lutes , Victoria Hauke and Ilkay Türkoglu.

There is almost no editing. My filming is pretty raff, no tripod and not the perfect light, but i like very much what is been said. The interviews give an access to each person subjectivity and unique way of interpreting a common task.

The interviews are ordered in the way I have downloaded them. I had to cut Victoria and Ilkay's interviews in two parts because the file where too big. 

I have added  scan of Clint and Victoria 's   drawings.  As Ilkay's one was too diminished by the scaning operation I decided not to put it. 

You can read the description of the class and different perspectives about it in this folder : It gathers several documents about "the two sides of touch + drawing feedback environment" .This IDOC will be added to the folder .



Clint Lutes
Victoria Hauke part I
Victoria Hauke part II
Ilkay TuI rkoglu part I
Ilkay part II

Clint Lutes
Victoriz Hauke

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Kerstin Kussmaul Eligible Member // Teacher
hi anouk,
i am amazed by the sheer productivity and the clarity of your contributions!

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