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The Axis Syllabus VS Rolfing – an interdisciplinary exchange in pursuit of a healthy movement practice.

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The Axis Syllabus VS Rolfing – an interdisciplinary exchange in pursuit  of a healthy movement practice.


Both Rolfing and AS communities are very outward looking. It comes as no surprise that the two disciplines might become interested in each other, especially as their ultimate goal is the same - Efficient healthy pain-free movement for life.

This workshop is a demonstration of this interdisciplinary play. We will explore ideas from both aproaches looking at how they might compliment each other or even where they contradict.

Biomechanical principles of movement from the Axis Syllabus System will be placed within the Rolfing context of myofascial theory and practice. We will use hands on work, different sensation/perception approaches and an examination of the unique motor principles of the foot, leg, hip and spine to facilitate an efficient tone in the myofascial web and healthy alignment of the skeletal structure, both at rest and in dynamic situations. Set vocabulary and improvised approaches will be used to embody the ideas discussed.


Rolfing® structural integration and Rolf Movement® Integration are modalities working primarily with the bodies myofascia, in order to realign the body in the gravitational field.

As the myofascial system works as a whole body network, connecting from head to toe, with different functions, we work with different stimuli. We use hands on work to activate proprioception, elongation/elasticity and separation of fascial tissues. This work facilitates awareness in the different domains of movement such as its meaning, expression of ones own movement, impressions and neuro myofascial coordination, in order to gain the necessary freedom of choice to change.

Axis Syllabus

The Axis Syllabus (AS) is an approach to dance and movement that is based on scientific enquiry. Rather than centering itself around aesthetic criteria it asks the question, what movement is appropriate for an entire life of moving well? Like meditators exploring the nature of mind with their own minds the AS community develops and shares ideas on safe healthy movement via experiential research. Of course this approach whilst very important and perhaps undervalued has its limits and thus the AS also incorporates an interdisciplinary approach pulling in ideas from scientific enquiry elsewhere in fields such as medicine,biomechanics, physics,sports science, and somatic approaches. Ideas are therefore not clung to because of their traditions but are simply evaluated on their relative merits and can be easily discarded if found to be false. Interestingly some of the experiential insights have found their support from these disciplines, others are still to be tested and likewise, ideas brought in have been validated with real physical experience. Consequently the AS is always in flux ever adjusting to the exponential stream of new 

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The workshop Axis Syllabus vs Rolfing is a demonstration of a interdisciplinary play. We will explore ideas from both aproaches looking at how they might compliment each other or even where they contradict. Biomechanical principles of movement from the Axis Syllabus System will be placed within the Rolfing context of myofascial theory and practice.                                                                                                                                                                    

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Matthew Smith (AT/NZ) is a dancer/teacher/choreographer from New Zealand where he worked primarily with the dance company Black Grace but also with many other NZ companies. In Europe where he now lives he has worked with Random Scream of Belgium, Carol Brown Dances of London, company Willi Dorner and theatercombinat of Austria, Impure Company of Norway, which also collaborated, with the Brazilian dance company Cena 11. Matthew performs around the world for Klaus Obermaier in "Apparition". His own work "observing observing" was presented at S.E.A.D and at the ITS festival in Amsterdam and his first full length work "Spin" premiered this February with the Studio Contemporary Dance Company in Zagreb. When not performing he is involved in education. He has taught Pilates at P.A.R.T.S. in Belgium and with Babara Mayr at the Pilates Akademie in Vienna. He has taught contemporary technique for various companies in Europe and in the dance school S.E.A.D as well as teaching regularly at Tanzquartier Vienna. He is a teacher of the Axis Syllabus, which is an approach to movement and dance developed by Frey Faust. He is in the Masters programme at the British School of Osteopathy.

Michael Kellenberger (CH/D),studied at the Tanzwerkstatt Konstanz/Germany Dance Performance and Dance Teaching from 1991 to 1993. At London Contemporary Dance School from 1997-1999 the main subjects where Contemporary Dance and Choreography. Since 1994 working as a freelance dancer, choreographer and teacher. For instance with Gerhard Maaß/Berlin, Manfred Kröll/München, Alias Company/Genf, Youth Company of Stefan Hahn/Stralsund. Choreographing for his own Company OutImplosion with touring in Switzerland, Germany and Canada. DanceWEB 2000 scholar. From 2004-2006 education as a Certified Rolfer™ in Rolfing ® structural integration. Since then holding his own practice in Kreuzlingen and St. Gallen/Switzerland. Further education in Rolf Movement™ leading to Rolf Movement Practitioner™ and Dancemedicin in Vienna, Ljubljana and Berlin. Further educations with Rasmus Ölme in Partnering, Matthew Smith in Applied Anatomy/Functional Training for Dancers, Kerstin Kussmaul in Myoreflextraining for Dancers, Myofascial Taping, Fascial Tissue in Sportsmedicine etc.


Dancers, Dance Teachers, Choreographers, health professionals/therapists with a keen interest in movement

6 MIN/ 24 MAX



Workshop formats

Different formats possible alike

Semi Format: 2-3 days  4 hours Workshop per day

Single Format: 1 day 4 hours                                                                                                                                                                 

- TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS (audio, beamer etc):

Depending on classformat

Beamer, Skeleton, Blankets or slideble Matts, Cushion for head or legs, stable Chairs

if possible (needs to be disscussed): Therrabands, Wodden Sticks (1m long),                                                                                                                                                                                 

- SPACE NECESSITY (studio size etc):

depending on classformat

big enough to move freely in space with MAX 24 people

prefered with usable blank walls


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