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IDOCs » Sharing Visions - proposal for IDOCDE Symposium 2014
A proposal to share Visions, my on going research about poetic and multi modal dance documentation. A two hours session that will combine a video presentation, a sensorial exploration, sharing of possible documentation strategies and a score to play on a mirror during the symposium.

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- FULL NAME: Anouk LLaurens


- PHONE NUMBER:+32 (0)485 795 653

- KEY TEACHER : YES, Ultimavez


- TITLE OF THE ACTIVITY: Sharing Visions


A proposal  to share Visions, my on going research about poetic and multi modal  dance documentation. In this project guest artists are documenting their experience of sensorial exploration about eye-hand coordination with video, audio, drawing, texts and movement scores.They teach each other and share their opinion through their produced documents.  This method can be used as a  dance pedagogy  and/or as creative process. My proposal  to share the research  is combining  a video presentation , a sensorial exploration,  verbal feedbacks and a score to play on a window during the symposium. (more about Visions below).The session will be documented with images, texts and audio documents.


- Sensorial exploration (10:00 - 11:00) a warm up score from Lisa Nelson that based on eye-hand coordination.  Bring your attention on your visual field, play with the hands entering and exiting it, first with a stable visual field and then with  a moving  visual field. You have the possibility to use the call  OPEN, CLOSE, PAUSE and REPORT. OPEN invites you to go on with the eyes open.CLOSE invites you to go on with the eyes shut. PAUSE invites you to maintain a stillness for how long it is alive for you.REPORT allows you to verbalise your experience. REPORT is a way of sharing insight and give feedbacks during the exploration. (Video devices and iphone can be used to film video fragments during the exploration.)

- Reflexion time (11:00 - 11:20) : How would you document this experience ? What would be your strategy ? Wich media would you choose ? 

- Sharing of the documentation strategies in groups (11:20 - 12:00) : The sharing will be recorded.Any text , or drawings that people want to share can be scanned for the global documentation of the session. 

- Video presentation (12:00 - 12:30) : Projection of short videos made during the a residency at Bains connective Brussels, March 2013. I will present several types of documents, video documents, scores to play and live documents.

"Eyes -hand" 4'07:  video document  by Maya dalinsky with Sonia Si Ahmed and Anouk LLaurens.

" Camera trio" 3'43 : scores to play video documented  : By Anouk Llaurens, with Maya Dalinsky and Sonia Si Ahmed.

" The horizontal book"  6'42: a book and a video documented score By Anouk Llaurens

" Resituate doers" 4'16: score  Images and performance Julien bruneau, Maya Dallinsky, Titane Bregentzer and Anouk Llaurens. Editing  A.LL

"Resituate watcher" 6'31 :performance. Images and performance Julien bruneau, Maya Dallinsky, Titane Bregentzer and Anouk Llaurens. Editing  A.LL

 " Touch" : live document . Co-creation and performance Maya Dalinsky, Anouk Llaurens and Sonia si Ahmed 



-  Another trace: During the entire symposium a window will be reserved for people to play the score: What is the shape of your visual field?  (see video)


                                                                             TAKE A WINDOW MARKER

                                                  PLACE YOUR FEET BEHIND THE MARK ON THE FLOOR

                                                 YOUR NOES SHOULD BE VERY CLOSE TO THE MIRROR

                                                             NOTICE THE LIMIT OF YOUR VISUAL FIELD

                                                TAKE YOUR TIME  TO DRAW  THE LIMIT OF YOUR VISUAL FIELD

                                                        WHAT IS THE SHAPE OF YOUR VISUAL FIELD?





Visions is interested in the transmission of choreographic tools and their integration into new artistic paths. How to integrate and combine some of Lisa Nelson tools into new processes and references? How to create a poetic and polyphonic documentation that will contribute to the evolution of a choreographic culture?

Visions is an original combination between movement, image, drawing, text and verbal reports. The research is interested in the translation of movement into multi-modal documentation, and in the articulation of these documents with each other’s. The research not only defines tangible documents but also practices that can be played, appropriated and transformed by others. Visions proposes a poetic documentation where scores and in extension workshops and performances are also considered as documents.

Visions is interested to present the interdependency between the visual and the tactile world. The object of the documentation is « eyes-hand coordination » which is the coordination between the vision and the hand necessary to execute the simplest task.

The proposal is based on Lisa Nelson Tuning Scores: It studies sensorial explorations that links the eye and the hand, integrates multiple and subjective points of view to document a shared event and generates feedback loops between the movement practice and its documentation. Explorations on eye-hand coordination are deconstructing perceptual and motor skills necessary to see, to frame a visual experience or to interact with objects. The field it opens is at once relevant for dance explorations and an experimental approach to documentation, since eye-hand coordination is central to many activities by which we could leave traces: writing, drawing, filming, taking pictures, modeling. Thus there is a continuity of the strategies applied to dance and documentation in our process, one constantly informing the other. "

Visions is interested in the porosity of the boundaries between inside and outside, objectivity and subjectivity, document and lives event, education and creation, performers and spectator. The research looks for spaces of suspended meaning where stable references are put in questions. 



- SUMMARY OF CONTENT DESCRIPTION (max 60 words; for publishing)    

Sharing Visions combines a video presentation, a sensorial exploration, verbal feedbacks and a score to play during the symposium. Visions is a poetic dance documentation research project. Participants are invited to document sensorial exploration about eye-hand coordination with video, drawing, texts and movement scores. They teach each other and share their opinion through their produced documents.


- SHORT BIOGRAPHY (max 60 words for publishing (if co-taught all in all max 60 words)

Anouk LLaurens dance artist, teacher, shiatsu. Studied with Fernand Schirren, Deborah Hay, Steve Paxton and particularly Lisa Nelson. She currently collaborates with Julien Bruneau in “ phréatiques” and is involved in her own project “Visions”. She teaches at the ImpulsTanz Festival, Candoco Cie, Contredanse, Charleroi Danses. What links her different practices is her interest for questioning knowledge through experience.



Anybody interrested - max 30 people



Two hours                                                                                                                                                                   

- TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS (audio, beamer etc):   

A beamer, a white wall to project, audio, cables, five window markers of different colors, big sheets of brown paper.


- SPACE NECESSITY (studio size etc):

For the two hour session : A clean and quiet space  not necessarily a dance studio;  ok for 30 people to move 
To play " what is the shape of your viual field" : a big window somewhere on the symposium site. 

what is the shape of your visual field

visual field Mayanouk

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