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These are "Questions to Inspire/Trigger the LEAP - Teaching Residency Meetings". These general questions are based on the themes and interests stated more specifically by all the TR Teachers. They are generalized and categorized by Defne Erdur in order to create a common ground/frame to start discussing and sharing at the onset of the TR meetings.

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Around which question(s) does this TR Group like to focus?



What is your professional formation? Your technical, artistic and pedagogical formation? How does this inform your teaching? How do you “pay it forward”?

What is your personal interest in teaching? Why do you teach?



  • What do you transmit?
  • What  do you believe that Contemporary Dance Training needs today?
  • What is the aim/goal of your teaching?
  • What are the tools and principles do you utilize? How do you teach what you teach?
  • Where does your teaching content and format fit into? Which context  is better for you – institutional, festivals, workshop, master class, collaboration with other artist?



  • Who do you teach? Who do you prefer to work with – Professionals, non-professionals; children, teenagers, adults, elders; dis-advantaged populations?
  • Do you adjust your teaching as a whole for different populations? If so why and how?



  • What is “Art Education” for you?
  • What is the place of Creativity, Personal Development, Inter-disciplinarity in your teaching?
  • Where do you place yourself in the Artist – Teacher spectrum?
  • What are the pro’s and con’s of being an active Artist for being a Teacher?

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