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IDOCs » Sharing Visions - After it happened
This idoc is made of a text presenting the session, pictures, video and audio recordings of the participants sharing their strategies to document the movement practice. They respond to three questions: How would you document this practice? Which media would you choose ?Why ?

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Vienna 2nd of August 2014 - Studio 1 - 10:00 to 12:30


Participants: Lin Snelling, Guy Cools, Anne Guarigues, Sara Ruddock, Pavle Heidler, Maria Ines Villasmil, Zsuzsa Rozsavolgyi, Pia Lindy, Sanne Clifford, Sabina Holzer, Pascale Gilles, Roos Van Berkel, Elina Ikonen, Yanaelle Thiran, Alexandra Pholien and Anouk Llaurens.






Sharing Visions is a proposal to share my on going research about poetic and multi-modal dance documentation. In this project guest-artists are documenting their experience of sensorial exploration about eye-hand coordination with video, audio, drawing, texts, movement scores or any other media of their choice.  

This research is developing methods for artistic dance documentation and can be used as a dance (art) pedagogy. Poetic documentation is first used as a reflexive tool for movement and performance awareness. It is then a mean for sharing information, strategies and knowledge. Through the produced documents participants define their point of view, share their opinion and teach each other. 



The session

I have briefly gathered people to introduce my research and the session. Then we went for one-hour movement practice

Taking the BMC developmental pattern navel radiation as a base for the first exploration, we have spent some time connecting the navel to the head and the feet, and the navel to the tail and the hands, using movement and stillness of the body and the attention.

Note :I am using the developmental patterns defined by B.B Cohen as a support for the eye-hand coordination practice.Touch is the first sense to develop and vision the last one.

After 40 minutes, I introduced a Lisa Nelson score that addresses eye-hand coordination: play with your hands entering and exiting your visual field with your eyes open and with your eyes closed.

After an hour of movement exploration, I have asked three questions to the participants: How would you document this practice? Which media would you choose? Why?

Participant took 30 minutes to respond to the questions, and make a documentation proposal if they wanted to. They could use body, paper, pen, I phones, I pad or anything they wanted.

We have used the rest of the time to share the different strategies and documents. I have dropped my initial idea to show video of previous residencies to hear and see as much present points of view as possible.



 Maria's sharing



Video documentation

This video give a sense of the two hour and half session, in five minutes. As we discussed it with the videographer, the different parts of the session are equaly represented. The sound of the 'sharing part ' , when participants present their strategies and documents, is not  very audible since i was the only person to have a microphone in the room. Fortunately, as you can see in the film,  i have recorded the sharing with my iphone and you can listen to  the audio documents. They are below the video.



Audio documentation

You can find the audio below with the name of the person talking. I have given tittle to each of them, choosing words from the person.

  • How can i mesure distance without Looking ? - Zsuzsa Rozsavolgyi
  • Blind drawings to remember the sensation - Lin Snelling
  • Recorded words/tasks - Sanne Clifford
  •  Meant to be seen - Elina Ikonen
  •  Writting as a physical act - Guy Cools
  •  A song to remembe the experience - Sabina Holtzer
  •  Ephemeral encounters - Maria Villasmil
  •  Performance as document - Pavle Heidler
  • Questions to trigger the experience -Pia Lindy
  • What is the shape of your visual field - Anouk Llaurens
  •  Conclusion - Anouk Llaurens




 I  have dowloaded the picture from the collective idoc "2nd symposium impressions". They are from Martin Streit.



Sabina's song 


After thoughts

As i have forgoten to specify that the three questions, how would you document this practice? Which media would you choose? Why? where addressed to the last part of the session about eye-hand coordination, participants documented it in regards to their interest  and/or memory. I am really touched by the beauty and the variety of strategies and documents that where shared. The specificity of each answer is enriching my research, representing some questions and opening new ones. Questions asked by Sabina Holtzer in her sharing really resonates with my research: How can i document so that i can revisit something ? Do i want to revisit it to recognise it again or do i want to revisit it to let go and transform ?

The variety of answer  makes me dream about a possible installation where speeches, songs, audio, pictures, film and performance would co-exist ...


Visions is interested in the transmission of choreographic tools and their integration into new artistic paths. How to integrate and combine some of Lisa Nelson tools into new processes and references? How to create a poetic and polyphonic documentation that will contribute to the evolution of a choreographic culture?

Visions is an original combination between movement, image, drawing, text and verbal reports. The research is interested in the translation of movement into multi-modal documentation, and in the articulation of these documents with each other’s. The research not only defines tangible documents but also practices that can be played, appropriated and transformed by others. Visions proposes a poetic documentation where scores and in extension workshops and performances are also considered as documents.

Visions is interested to present the interdependency between the visual and the tactile world. The object of the documentation is « eyes-hand coordination » which is the coordination between the vision and the hand necessary to execute the simplest task.

The proposal is based on Lisa Nelson Tuning Scores: It studies sensorial explorations that links the eye and the hand, integrates multiple and subjective points of view to document a shared event and generates feedback loops between the movement practice and its documentation. Explorations on eye-hand coordination are deconstructing perceptual and motor skills necessary to see, to frame a visual experience or to interact with objects. The field it opens is at once relevant for dance explorations and an experimental approach to documentation, since eye-hand coordination is central to many activities by which we could leave traces: writing, drawing, filming, taking pictures, modeling. Thus there is a continuity of the strategies applied to dance and documentation in our process, one constantly informing the other. "

Visions is interested in the porosity of the boundaries between inside and outside, objectivity and subjectivity, document and lives event, education and creation, performers and spectator. The research looks for spaces of suspended meaning where stable references are put in questions. 




Pavle's dance 


All other idocs related to this proposal are here: 

I thank you all.

Sharing Visons
How can i mesure distance without looking Zsuzsa Rozsavolgyi
Blind drawings to remember the sensations- Lin
Recorded wordstasks- Sanne Clifford
Meant to be seen - Elina Ikonen
Writting as a physical act - Guy Cools
A song to remember the experience - Sabina Holtzer
Ephemeral encounters - Maria Villasmil
Performance as document - Pavle Heidler
Questions to trigger the memory - Pia Lindy
What is the shape of your visual field Anouk Llaurens
Conclusion - Anouk Llaurens

Maria's Sharing
Sabina's song
Pavle's sharing 2
watching Pavle
watching Pavle 2
pavle sharing 3

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Maria Ines Villasmil Eligible Member // Teacher
Thank you Anouk one more time for such a wonderful and inspiring session, but over all very productive. It was a great pleasure to look back to what happens this day. Warm greetings to you and to everybody!, maria

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