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During the symposium "teach me(not)!" I gave a one hour lecture on the didactical methods used in the project HOME with teenage children from children homes in Moldova, Ukraine and Belarus.

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We started with looking at the documentary of the project, a 23 minutes long film that was made of the Ukrainian edition of this project. The documentary is a real tear-jerker in the sense that it seems to touch everyone who sees it deeply. Apart from some reflections by the children in the documentary that are profoundly moving ("Mama, why did you abandon me before I even could walk?"), the strength of the documentary and of the project lays in the potential of positive change through an inclusive pedagogical model.

In the 30-40 minutes that we had after looking at the documentary we talked more in-depth about how we worked with the children of teh project. How we tackled the difficult topic of selection during the project. If and how the team of the project stays in touch with the children. 



Home at the symposium

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Stina Nyström Eligible Member // Teacher
I showed your documentary of Home to my students at the Ballet School in Stockholm. Recommend it. It´s a very good example of dance potential of positive change and we had a really nice conversation afterwards.

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