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Welcome to the 5th IDOCDE Symposium:
why compromise. mind the dance.

Overview of events & activities from Friday, 28th of July to Sunday, 31st of July
Here is the PDF version of the schedule.



Friday, July 28


This year's Symposium opening address will include (amongst other things) the launch of the Mind the Dance publication. The address will be followed by Listen, a Rose Arose, a performance event organised by Nita Little (US).



Launch with us Mind The Dance, the free online tool & guide for documenting dance (teaching)! Mind The Dance is the publication of our current EU-supported project REFLEX Europe. Outreach workshops and masterclasses will pop up in Europe in the next 12 months. Get an introduction to Mind The Dance in the symposium opening, meet the eleven team members at the REFLEX track events. Explore reflective and artistic practices on dance teaching through the bookbinding session of your favorite ideas in Mind The Dance.


Listen, a Rose Arose, organised by Nita Little (US), is a playful performance of Rosie Braidotti’s sober keynote lecture on Posthumanism. With karaoke style rigor, we physically articulate her very complex conceptual evocation concerning a “scholarship of anxiety,” in which corporate, sociopolitical, and economic practices shape systems of control that play into and with fears of human extinction made critical by this, the Anthropocene. We honor both Braidotti’s fundamental love for the world, and her intention to collectively “be worthy of the complexity of today.”


The opening event will be followed by two parallelly scheduled events – one establishing the general focus of the Symposium, and the other establishing the REFLEX track. As is becoming a custom at the IDOCDE Symposiums, running through the duration of the Symposium will be a stream of content brought to you by 11 dance teachers and specialists in video and written documentation who over three years develop the REFLEX Tool and Guide, entitled Mind the Dance.

ALL REFLEX events at the Symposium are free for all and open to the public!



Becoming European - Lecture Performance by Brigitte Wilfing (AT)

Becoming-Europe is a gestural plea for a plural Europe, in its own body and that of society based on Brigitte’s choreographic work that deals with the inscriptions of society in our bodies, filtering and visualising the pathos formulas of the present.


A documentation Path - workshop by Bertha Bermudez (NL) THIS IS A REFLEX EVENT

Path for the documenting of teaching practice is a guideline, for reflection upon the actions we do as teachers. As such it is just an inspiration, a reminder of matters to be taken into consideration when dealing with documentation. This session will consist on navigating through the documenting path in an active way, working individually and in groups to make the most out of what this path could mean for each individual in the practice of teaching.


Our annual Campfire (organised in the great outdoors) is a social gettogether, an opportunity to meet and/or catch-up, and so prepare to dive into the Symposium weekend together!




Saturday, July 29


Compromised Position by Sybrig Dokter (NL/SE) THIS IS AN ALL DAY EVENT

Installation documenting 3 minutes of free-flow talking on the notion of compromise. More detailed information will be present at the installation as well as any help you may require.




Both days of the weekend will start in the studio with the physical warm-up sessions. The warm-up sessions are entitled Food for the Day.


Food for the Day with Illana Reynolds (US)
Get a fine-tuning into the body and the upcoming mental and physical workouts!

This morning warm-up is inspired by the human capacity to jump, to lift off, to propel and to land. How does this sensation live as an energetic dynamic in the body? The workshop is built through somatic and release techniques where breath serves as a fundamental support and movement ease is encouraged through body alignment. The warm-up progresses in space emphasizing a sense of weight, momentum and spatial dynamics inspired through jumping. The aim is to ignite a sense of vitality in the body that is continuous and alive. The warm-up would like to stimulate discussions around what could it mean to jump today. Is it still an important human movement pattern and form of expression? How could jumping inspire other approaches towards contemporary dance practice and movement exploration?


Somatic Insights into Performance with Marginalized groups - workshop by Deirde Morris (US), and Daniel Davis (US)

 Daniel Davis and Deirdre Morris offer a food and story sharing circle exploring experiences and methods of making performance with marginalized groups. We will seed the circle with our stories and then hear from others of successes and challenges working with marginalized communities they may or may not intrinsically be a part of. We will explore how the creative process can be a process of place-making that builds new communities of radical generosity. Please bring a snack to share.


Anti – Fascist Ballet School - workshop by Elizabeth Ward (US/AT), and Magda Chowaniece (PL/AT)

We will enter into the balletic, moving through steps and positions that have been passed down for generations, but ask ourselves what else are we reproducing as we dance these dances?


not about thing: what am I/we/it doing? - by Shannon Stewart (US)

As a dancer, it is interesting to conceive and reconceive of conditioning and embodiment and discrepancies between conscious and unconscious, intentional and unintentional, complicit and coerced. This learned “repertoire of life” is part of everyday existence and something that dance artists engage with daily--conditioning, shaping and reading of bodies in time and space. In “not about thing” Shannon Stewart will use the format of a dance class to lecture about, perform, and lead participants through embodied experiences of theories that conceptualize body, identity, and performativity to ask, what is it we are/could be doing?


Equitable Pedagogical Strategies that Support Diverse Learning in Dance Education - workshop by Becky Dyer (US), Diona Peltics (US), Halley Willcox (US)

Presenters will lead participants through experiences reflective of learning frameworks they collaboratively investigated and developed that address how individuals with varying learning backgrounds, abilities and psychological needs might be served through pedagogical strategies that foster equitable and nurturing student-centered learning exchanges. The dance learning frameworks to be shared arise from social somatic development theories investigated through lenses of child and adult development, as well as current educational research and discourse.


Common and different (Collectivity - Responsibility- Performativity) by Oleg Soulimenko (RU/AT)

What do we have common and where are our differences? In this workshop, which will be the performance at the same time, we will play a constellation game relating to culture and politics and society. The participants will get information and learn about each other and at same time make decision about their role and agency in this group, which could be considered as a model of a special society.


Role Change by Monica Gillette (US), and Clint Lutes (US/FR)

Role Change investigates dance as a tool to awaken communal physical knowledge through bringing together diverse expertise, ages and abilities. Rooted in three years of collaborative research between dancers, scientists and people with Parkinson’s Disease, this two hour, non-hierarchal workshop will deal with embodiment through the act of “taking care”, use generosity and interactivity to transform one’s physical ability, and confront how a diagnosis can impact identity.



On Creativity, Stress, Self-Discovery, Perspective, Encouragement, Education, Improvisation, and Obedience by Pavle Heidler (HR/SE)

A 'speculative lecture' inspired by reflections accumulated whilst teaching dancing by [too often still provocative] way of 'studying principle not form' wherein the notion of 'obedience' is de- and re- constructed until refused entirely.


My personal teaching map by Friederike Lampert (DE) THIS IS A REFLEX EVENT

We are going to do a self-coaching session for dance teachers by following the step by step guide, which is presented in the Mind the Dance book. All participants are going to draw a map, which visualizes the different working fields they are working in. After having created the personal teaching maps, participants can reflect on their workload, finance and fun factor in their individual teaching life. Do I like my teaching map? What do I want to teach more? What less? What do I want to change? We want to share and discuss the outcomes in the group.


Olim Lacus Colueram - by Adham Hafez (EG/US)

Tired of centuries of being seen as a mystery exotic being, and decades of being vilified as a potential terrorist, an eternal- fictitious- Arab dancer decides to visit Vienna and speak about multiple lives, forbidden choreographies, cultural infrastructure and dance education past and present.



The annual Kitchen Table Discussion moderated by Peter Pleyer (DE)
The Kitchen Table is inspired by artist and researcher Lois Weaver who created “The Long Table”.

The Kitchen Table Discussion will be followed by a communal dinner.
Food and some beverages will be served & please bring additional goodies to share!



Sunday, July 31



Gestures4Europe installation by Brigitte Wilfing (AT)  THIS IS AN ALL DAY EVENT

The Youtube-channel gestures4europe comprises movement interviews with people of divers origins. They give one gesture for their current experience of Europe and one gesture showing their wish for Europe. The manifold transformation paths from one gesture to the other constitute the possible shapes each individual voice can take in the conditional process of becoming Europe/European. Taking Europe into one's emotions makes room for another thinking apart from the discursive options and leaves new imprints.




Food for the Day: The Anti-dote to Capitalism is Community by David Bloom (DE)
Get a fine-tuning into the body and the upcoming mental and physical workouts!

What does it mean to do something with our bodies together? And how can community not destroy the individual's desires, but empower them? We will warm up, tune in, begin the day, and prepare for information overload - borrowing from somatic work, clubbing, magickal group processes, and everyday life.


Rock Paper Scissors by Iñaki Azpillaga (ES/BE), Sri Louise (US), Zvi Gotheiner (US), Keith Hennessy (US)

Paper scissor stone is a playful juxtaposition of three seasoned ImPulsTanz teachers, facilitated by a fourth, pondering some aspects of compromise in teaching in practice and with ample time for discussing the ideas. Iñaki, Sri, Zvi will teach short sessions in response to each other, with Keith facilitating the journey. As a collaborative semi-improvised event, elements of unpredictability, serendipity and not knowing are part of the deal.


Future Folklore by Anna Natt (ES/DE) 

Many folkloric practices are based on the notion of shared identities in which the individual melts into a group in order to achieve a united, cultural body. In Future Folklore we will approach this idea from a purely physical perspective by conjoining and focusing on movements impossible in a single body. Using this method to draw from folklore’s ability to join people, we can benefit from it in a way that frees us from ideologies and the weight of tradition.


Contact Improvisation Discussion by Eryn Rosenthal (US), Michael Kimmel (?), Defne Erdur (TR/FR), Kevin O’Connor (CAN)


Scratching the Script by Sabina Holzer (AT) THIS IS A REFLEX EVENT

This is an invitation to radically connect your dancing experience with writing. To let your writing be informed not only by verbal thinking but also by the intensities, sensations and liminal thoughts resonating from the sensibility of a dancing body and tracing sensations by scribbling and poetic acts. We will touch the materiality of writing as Derrida puts it: Everything which is in-scripted is a script. In this sense the term script goes beyond the verbal language and engages in contact with the environment. The aggregate of the conditions in which a person or thing lives leads us to space; or to put it in other words: Dancers read what never has been written.


Let Us Meet in Singularities Instead of Individualities or The Masquerade by Adriana Gheorghe (RO)

This is a performative lecture with deviational strategies to produce constant displacement & wistfulness of perspective and language - a poetic and human masquerade. Counterintuitively compromising the self in a mutual promise of an oblique meeting, attacking the core of compromise as well as activating its singular force. How can we meet/work within language and theatre but feed more what is hidden underneath?


Resistance Fantasies by Stormy Budwig (US)

This workshop and discussion group is a chance to delve into our concerns, frustrations, and hopes. We will process, experiment, and perform. We will say what we feel we must say as citizens of our respective communities—our countries, our families, whether by birth or by choice. The workshop is comprised of experiments based on witnessing and performing, eyes closed and open, silent and loud, in pairs and as a group. Solitude is encouraged, as are questions and radical states of being. By the end of our ninety minutes together, each of us will have formulated our own resistance fantas(ies), documented them, and thoughtfully probed and articulated them, so that when the workshop is done we are existing inside a liminal space. Somewhere between uncensored, unrestricted desire and tenable, concrete plan for action, Resistance Fantasies is a workshop meant to encourage divergent thought and group practice. All are welcome.


Performative bookbinding of the Mind the Dance publication

We invite you to join this informative and performative act where you can select your favorite essays, striking scores, most useful tools from Mind The Dance and create your own book. Following the introduction into our e-publication and having time to get to know its content and contributors, you will be invited to make your own selection and create your own printed version. The session will be guided by the researchers of the REFLEX Europe project. Come and be one the first teachers to “hold" Mind The Dance in your hands!

Facilitated by: Friederike Lampert and Sabina Holzer



The closing event, scheduled this year earlier in the day than ever before, you will witness an interesting lecture by Christian Felber, followed by a video work comprised of the material collected the day before in the installation by Sybrig Dokter.


Economy of the Common Good - lecture by Christian Felber (AT)

Compromised Position by Sybrig Dokter (NL/SE)
A video-work comprised of the material collected the day before in the installation by Sybrig Dokter.




Here is the PDF version of the schedule.