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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I sign-up as a dance teacher?
A: EITHER you know a teacher who has a teacher account at IDOCDE and you ask them to send you an online invitation by email, OR you just sign up regularly, but also click the "I am a professional dance teacher" and type in some basic info on your work as a teacher in the specific textfield which opens on the registration page. Then an admin will review your request and will upgrade your account to "teacher", if the information is sufficient and you are approved.

Q: I already have an invitation from a teacher, what shall I do next?
A: When you receive an invitation per mail, there is a personal invitation code in the email. When you sign-up first, please click the "I am a professional dance teacher" box, and copy/paste the invitation code into the "invitation code" field.

Q: Something is wrong with my invitation, I fail to register, although I have an invitation code
A: 1) Check if you are copying/pasting the code completely and without any characters that don't belong to the code. 2) Your email address (login name) should be the one to which the invitation was sent. Of course you may change your email address after you activated your account.

Q: How do I change my password or email address?
A: After you are logged in please click User Settings on the top menu. Then chose the matching option from the left menu.

Q: I mistyped my name while signing up. What can I do now to correct it?
A: Please contact and ask the admin to change it for you.

Q: What is the difference between Class Description idoc and Class Documentation idoc?
A class description is some text you send to an dance organization or participants to explain what you do in your class that you will hold

A class documentation is about a specific class / workshop that happenend in the past where you compare your aims (i.e. as stated in the class description) with the process, including reflection - and if possible can be supported by visual material. A class documentation can be created by class participants or the teacher him/herself.