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invitation to participate at the 2020 IDOCDE symposium

Dear dance practitioner, other artist or educator, and generally interested person,

We invite you to the 2020 IDOCDE Online Symposium, 
July 21-26, 2020.

The symposium has been reimagined as an online one week event with offerings from our online residency groups and invited guests, speakers, performers, and YOU!


The world’s developments in the last months has led to reimagining the meaning of MAKING PLACE TAKING SPACE when work and many kinds of relationships have moved into the virtual space. One common denominator we share across the globe now is a not knowing - not knowing many aspects of the future, not knowing what will be considered normal even only a few weeks ahead, or where the needs and wishes of the community of dance practitioners and larger communities are orienting towards. As a response to a constantly evolving situation we created the IDOCDE virtual circles, with the intent to create a space / place for sharing and support. These circles evolved beyond the personal and became what in the past years has been the IDOCDE residency. Themes discussed in these circles include (but are not limited to): notions of the public and private, finding somatic-creative responses to Covid-19, site-responsiveness (i.e. in lock down), notions of local and global, the realities of being a dance teacher / practitioner 2020, physical distancing as a choreography of space, surveillance and the body. Some of these topics will have further inquiry in the week of the symposium, and being flanked by additional speakers / discussions / practice-based events.


This symposium is seen as a space for building community and resilience practices in real time. Not knowing our future, we attempt to refrain from anticipating and aim to make this refusal to anticipate our underscore for the IDOCDE symposium 2020. We see this idea being utilized in interviews, lectures, practices, and performances throughout the week in different ways.


Our focus is to create a collective site for exchange built, with you, through the week. There will be 2-3 daily events, with opportunities to check in, process and discuss. A cumulative event at the end of the week for sharing, socializing and generally being together.


If you are interested in presenting a short lecture, embodiment practice, or performance, write to us at with a brief synopsis by June 20th, 2020.
We will be needing volunteers for hosting discussions, tech support, chairing events, hosting online chats and possibly other things. Please contact us asap if you can help.

We will be posting details about events and time frames as they unfold at

We want this event to be accessible to as many folks as we can, and no one will be turned away for lack of funds. We therefore run this symposium by donation only––with a suggested donation between €1-€100.
Please let us know when registering if you are able to assist as a volunteer. Thank you!

Please fill in the registeration form here.
For further questions contact:

Thank you! We look forward to moving and being moved with you!


Your IDOCDE Project Team
Deirdre Morris (symposium coordinator), Defne Erdur, Dilek Üstünalan, Kerstin Kussmaul, pavleheidler