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Call for Proposals

                         „THE RETURN OF THE IDOCS“

                                             IDOCDE SYMPOSIUM
                                  on contemporary dance education 

                                                 1st leap: Vienna, July 26th-28th, 2013


The IDOCDE Symposium is an interactive weekend of events presenting our ongoing research related to the documentation of contemporary dance education taking place from July 26th to 28th, 2013 in Vienna during the ImPulsTanz International Dance Festival.

This is a call for proposals for activities to include in the overall schedule of activities of the conference:

There is no restriction to the format of your proposal (other than being realistic). Ideas for formats are lecture demonstrations, talks, discussions, teaching & reflection among more uncommon formats.

It is crucial that the proposal content is centered on an aspect of teaching and documentation of contemporary dance practice both in theory and/or practice. Especially welcome are proposals which draw on already existing material of the present IDOCDE website.

The call for proposals is open to all professional dance educators, whether you have been involved in the IDOCDE pilot project or not.

The prerequisite is registration and participation on the IDOCDE website
Both individual OR team / group proposals are accepted.

Here are some examples for proposals to lead/ offer/share work:

- Teaching or co-teaching – shared teaching including using idocs (i.e. teaching a class based on information on the IDOCDE website) including a discussion and comparison
- Sharing models of documentation 
using the website
- Tutorials and Guidance on how to use the website
- Demonstrating how the website can be used to moderate or facilitate discussions
 (after a class or in connection to a particular teaching practice)
Lecture demonstrations on:

  • Teaching specific methodologies
  • Written documentation formats
  • Online communities

- Video documenting an event at the symposium
- Performative activities related to teaching – teaching as performance
- Being an expert 
of some kind and taking a “seat” during a ONE-TO-ONE.
- Leading other kinds of activities related to the vision of the Symposium

If you don’t have a specific content suggestion, but are open to host, faciliate or help to create a predefined event, please let us know by email ( or by message to Inaki Azpillaga on the idocde website. This is a great way to engage and contribute in collaboration with others!

How to introduce the proposals:

They are to be made on the IDOCDE website.
If you are not registered on the IDOCDE website yet, please sign up as a “dance educator” and ask for approval by the editor.

i/   Then go to the idoc named Proposal form "The return of the idocs" Vienna Symposium 2013" . It is also in the folder “The return of the idocs (Vienna Symposium 2013 proposal)"

ii/  copy & paste the text, create an “idoc” yourself with your proposal and by filling out the questions

iii/ put the idoc into the folder “The return of the idocs (Vienna Symposium 2013 proposal)” In the menu choose "idocs", then "browse folders", then add your proposal-idoc)

Please make your idoc visible to other dance educators, but not to the general public.

The deadline for proposal is April 12, 2013

We are very much looking forward to your ideas!

Your Vienna Symposium 2013 organization team.

(Iñaki Azpillaga, Charlotte Darbyshire, Eszter Gal, Sophie Gerard, Kerstin Kussmaul, Steph Maher, Rio Rutzinger)