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Ray Chung
Currently based: San Francisco, California, USA
Works as: Teacher, researcher, performer
Key interests: Social learning

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(inactive user)
Currently based: HongKong, AUS
Works as: maker
Key interests: maker

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Angie Hauser
Currently based: Northampton, MA, USA
Works as: Principle collaborator and performer, Bebe Miller Company (USA)Professor, Smith College (USA)
Key interests: Improvisation and performance.

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tina nasika
Currently based: Larissa, GRC
Works as: Teacher in Contemporary dance, Theaory and Analysis of contemporary dance, Dance History
Key interests: the broad movement of postmodernism and its expression through new artistic forms and pedagogical me

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Anni Taskula
Currently based: Linz, AUT
Works as: dance/yoga/Gyrokinesis® teacher & events organizer
Key interests: YOU! ... body, moving, breathing... !salmiakki & sauna!

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Wilfried Converti
Currently based: Nomadic
Works as: Social psychologist
Key interests: discrimination, gender, somatics, Contact improvisation, dance community

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Marco Pellizzari
Currently based: Cervignano del Friuli (UD), ITA
Works as: Socio-pedagogical Educator
Key interests: Contact Improvisation

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Zahra Ghiasvand Mohammadkhani
Currently based: Qazvin, IRN
Works as: Choreographer, Performer
Key interests: Choreography, Contemporary dance, Butoh, Performing art, creative writing, Science

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Giedre Jankauskiene
Currently based: Vilnius, LTU
Works as: Dance artist, Lecturer at Lithuanian Music and Theatre Academy
Key interests: Uncertainty, Improvisation & Movement exploration, CI, Anatomy, Kinaesthetic Intelligence,

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Agnese Vanaga
Currently based: Buenos Aires, ARG
Works as: Dancer Choreographer Teacher
Key interests: Investigación Creation Analysis Interpretation

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Thomas Peronnet
Currently based: Zurich, CHE
Works as: general direction of project-festival heritage, dance!
Key interests: repertories, heritage, praxis, german dance, human beings

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Petra Péter
Currently based: Budapest, HUN
Works as: cultural worker and researcher in the field of contemporary dance
Key interests: higher education, integrated practice and theory, archiving, early period of contemporary dance in H

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Migle Markulyte
Currently based: Vilnius
Works as: student
Key interests: somatics, performance, contemporary art

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Thomas Klien
Currently based: Vienna, AUT
Works as: landscape designer, mindfulness and somatic movement facilitator, translator
Key interests: ecosomatics, dance improvisation, butoh, Buddhism, lanscape design, connection body-mind-landscape

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Christianna Giaume
Currently based: Budapest, HUN
Works as: Dance and Somatic Teacher
Key interests: Somatics and nature

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Franz Sramek
Currently based: Wien, AUT
Works as: performer, teacher
Key interests: research, improvisation, experimenting, collaborate with artists from different artistic directions

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Benoit Verjat
Currently based: Paris, FRA
Works as: Research Designer and PhD Candidate
Key interests: research design, scores, transformative experiences, rituals, intellectual technologies

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Naoto Hieda
Currently based: Tallinn, EST
Works as: full stack net artist
Key interests: bestpracticesincontemporarydance

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Marina Grün
Currently based: Mainz, DEU
Works as: dance artist, dance educator
Key interests: dance education, transmission, community, awareness