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Created by Maja Delak // Teacher | 2012.07.19

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In Move me-nt
A short articulation of what interests me and how are my choreographic, performative and pedagogic approaches inevitably intertwined.
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By Anja Bornsek
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From DRAMAturgy to ARTiculation
How to »invent« tools to communicate? How to »educate« not to be educative? How to »grip« the idea of the author? How to »articulate« material in order to open-up the space? How...
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By (inactive user) Eligible Member
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Response to From my (personal)self to my social self
This is a brief response to my participation in this workshop score.
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By John Taylor
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From my (personal)self to my social self
Who am I today? What and Why am I doing?
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By sinja ozbolt
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