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The musical context of form(lessness)
We will explore the influence that different kinds of music have on our choice making when we dance within an improvisational score. We will do a series of improvisations with different piec...
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Surprise yourself! 5 teachers, 6 contemporary dance essentia...
A proposal for the IDOCDE Symposium of a co-taught class of 6 teachers, developed in the LEAP teaching residency
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Is nothingness the ultimate formless? And how could we translate nothingness into movement?
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The proposal of Slothing is an invitation to move as slowly as possible, in each moment during one hour. No further instructions, comments nor corrections will be made during the Slothing.
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By Mira Mutka Eligible Member
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Embodying Time
“We can measure time, but this gives us no guarantee that we understand what time is.” – Umberto Eco Let alone understanding; let’s sense, reflect on and play together in & around...
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By Defne Erdur Eligible Member
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100 prompts for detachment=freedom
A conversational, idea-generating, experiential workshop supporting the benefits of daily practice. Together we will develop 100 prompts and enact them all, speed-dating style, before assess...
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By Christy Funsch
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The Serpent in Us, Dancing From the Spine
My proposal for the Symposium 2015: A workshop focusing on exploring the form and function of the spine in relationship to alignment, connectivity and its archetypal energy. Applied Anatomy...
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By sabine parzer
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