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Created by Martin Streit Eligible Member // Teacher | 2016.07.30

Re-visiting/re-composing "Drawing as a tool for poetic and p...
I re-visit/ re-compose "Drawing as a tool for poetic and polyphonic dance documentation" I gave during the 4th IDOCDE symposium in July 2016. I use writing and the different kinds of traces...
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By [Multiple Creators]
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Work to be Discovered - Interview with Nancy Stark Smith - T...
Here you can find the video document and the transcription of the interview that was realised during the 4th IDOCDE Symposium. In summer 2016, during the 4th IDOCDE Symposium (as part of...
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By Defne Erdur Eligible Member
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The Use of Uselessness - Documentation
The Use of Uselessness - Documentation. IDOCDE 2016 began with a participatory ritual, a Slow Race with little buckets filled to the brim with water. This was followed by a performance l...
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By Claudia Kappenberg
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Somatic Generosity - Documentation
Somatic Generosity aims to make a place for explorations of vulnerability, empathetic listening and subjective awareness. Being witnessed in vulnerability grows our ability to experience and...
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By Deirdre Morris
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Borrowed Trauma - Documentation
Borrowed Trauma - Documentation A movement research laboratory and lecture that explores corporeal access to shared memory and human empathy through media by challenging the thresholds of w...
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Little Worms can trigger big changes - Documentation
Little Worms can trigger big changes - Documentation
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By jasmin hoffer
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[un]necessary attention (video documentation)
[un]necessary attention is a talk on dance, attention and the visual arts considered as attentionographies
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By Romain Bige
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Gender, transference and subjective body in the contemporary...
Gender, transference and subjective body in the contemporary teachings of tango practice - Video Documentation 4th IDOCDE Symposium ImpulsTanzFestival Vienna 2016
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