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Defne Erdur Eligible Member // Teacher
IDOCs » Questions to Consider Before, During & After Documentation Towards Sharing
This line of questions were created for Collective & Creative Session @ Training Total - K3 Hamburg by Defne Erdur in order to guide the participants towards creating a collective documentation in & around the definitions that had been discussed during the week. Going over all the sessions that were realized during the week, marking who have attended which session with what interest and with which hats, participants were lead to dive into their personal interests before getting in contact with their colleagues to document the whole week. At the end with the contribution of all the participants a collective and creative and "live" document was created with all the written and drawn material created & utilized during the whole week. Hopefully more individual documents of this week will appear here on idocde in Training Total folder : You are also invited to utilise the following questions for your own documentation purposes.

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A guideline of questions to think towards documenting what YOU would like to share and how:

Try to answer these questions as specifically as possible, focusing on several possibilities one at a time.


1- Who are you? Teacher, professional who comes to training, curator...


2- What do you wish to share? = out of this week of sharings where we utilized many definitions around professional training... 


3- Whom do you wish to adress? = who is your potential audience for this sharing?


4- What tools do you have for sharing/ documenting?


5- What could be your obstacles along the way?


6- What are your resources to over come these obstacles? 


7- Where would you like to realize this sharing / publicize your documents?


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Kerstin Kussmaul Eligible Member // Teacher
hi! i did this questionnaire for an idoc, giving it the benefit of the doubt as i was not really convinced that it would help me. but it actually did...helping to clarify my focus! or also just checking, if i cannot answer the questions from the top of my head, that there is some more thinking to do. thank you for this!

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