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Created by Defne Erdur Eligible Member // Teacher | 2018.08.31

From DRAMAturgy to ARTiculation
How to »invent« tools to communicate? How to »educate« not to be educative? How to »grip« the idea of the author? How to »articulate« material in order to open-up the space? How...
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tools to create before putting an IDOC online
Before putting an idoc one line, you can use this idoc based on question. These questions can help you to specify the target of the document, modify it, make it clearer. The game doesn...
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By Sophie Gerard
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Questions to Consider Before, During & After Documentation T...
This line of questions were created for Collective & Creative Session @ Training Total - K3 Hamburg by Defne Erdur in order to guide the participants towards creating a collective documentat...
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By Defne Erdur Eligible Member
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Some email questions about documentation to the Moroccan choreographer Merjem Jazouli. By Sabina Holzer. POUR UN PAYSAGE ARTISTIQUE is part of
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By [Multiple Creators]
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Hunting, Gathering, Cultivating: A Self-reflective Case Stud...
This idoc is in progress and is open for view for BETA - Testers of Reflex Europe Project's outcome. It is an example of a case where creative documentation methods and tools were utilize...
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By Defne Erdur Eligible Member
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Art from Art - slide show
This Idoc is part of the MIND THE DANCE publication - More to explore chapter. The document contains drawings by Anna Holló from two Contact Improvisation classes. The intention of this doc...
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By Eszter Gal Eligible Member
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Art from Art - Part 2 with Daniela Ponieman
This Idoc is part of MIND THE DANCE - More to explore chapter. As part of the - Art from Art - research, I invited Daniela Ponieman to the classes I was teaching with a colleague of mine, Pe...
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By [Multiple Creators]
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Exploring Skin as a Border and Gateway
Class description of a class held in the frame of WILDWEEK #2, professional training at Tanzlabor_21 Frankfurt am Main on January 22nd, 2013. Co-developed and facilitated by Aleksandra Ści...
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By Zoé Alibert Eligible Member
0    2021

Somatic Movement & Costume Workshop - Proposal
How does what we wear affect how we move and perceive and what we create and perform? As part of Sally’s current research into Somatic Movement and Costume, these workshops invite par...
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By Sally E Dean
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Summer Intensive Contact Improvisation 2013 „Intuition and...
This is the documentation of the 7th intensive for Contact Improvisation (CI) of our independent rollingpoint association for Contact Improvisation and related dance and movement forms. For...
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By Christian Apschner Eligible Member
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