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IDOCs » Program & Schedule - Teaching Form[less]?
The attached file is the pdf of the final program of the 3rd IDOCDE Symposium Teaching Form[less]? Please feel free to download and share with the dance communities you are engaged with. See you on the 24th of July!

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This summer will be dancing, talking, thinking, cooking, eating, dancing, hunting and Teaching Form[less]? 

Come along and join us!

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IDOCDE Symposium Program 2015.pdf
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[type: pdfIDOCDE Symposium Program 2015

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Vera Bergman // Teacher
I can not join, but wish lots of fun, inspiration and new knowledge!

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Marco Volta Eligible Member // Teacher
I'm looking forward to be part of the Symposium and get rid of forms.

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Tina Mantel Eligible Member // Teacher
I hope to contribute to reconciling form with the formless!

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