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This idoc is to be created collectively by Pavle Heidler and the participants of his session "On Recognition - A Seminar" during the 3rd IDOCDE Symposium - Teaching Form[less]?

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reflection no. 1

I was walking along the streets of Antwerp yesterday, which is where I came accross this jewel. The artwork made me conscious on the fact that pidgeons are not animals I usually admire. I fear them, because somebody told me they spread desease. I don't even know that that's true. At least I've never heard of anyone who specifically got sick because of a pidgeon. So, what of my fear and discomfort then?


reflection no. 2

I discovered that a piece of music exists named Sunrise of the Planetary Dream Collector. I thought the name was a perfect combination of poetry, sci-fi and reference.


reflection no. 3

I was recently recomended to listen to an episode of This American Life called Is That What I Look Like? The episode essentially speaks of performativity. I highly recommend. You can listen to the episode for free if you follow the link:




Please keep on adding your reflections; i.e. notes, images, videos, any kind of "outcome" that you would like to share following the "intake" of this session.

If you were a participant but you do not exist as a co-author please contact Defne Erdur from your account here or directly to the mail  to be part of this collective idoc.

On recognition-a seminar

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