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IDOCs » 4th & 5th Swiss - LEAP meetings
4th: 17th of January in Geneva 5th: 17th of April in Zürich

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4th local meeting: happened 17th of January in Geneva: It was a small meeting since there were only 3 peoples and facilitator and facilitator assistent. Apparently there was not much interest even though the publicity and the support by Gilles Jobin company / studio we were holding the meeting was on a quit large scale. We mainly informed about the symp and IDOCDE / LEAP in general, meaning content wise it was the same as the 3ed Swiss meeting in Berne. 
The 5th Swiss LEAP meeting was in Zürich for symposium info & help with setting up profile and idoc's for teachers  who travel to the IDOCDE-symposium 2015. 

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