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This Idoc is part of the MIND THE DANCE publication - More to explore chapter. The document contains drawings by Anna Holló from two Contact Improvisation classes. The intention of this document is to share the sequence of the drawings and see them as chronological documentation of a dance class.

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More to explore 

As an extension of my Art from Art contribution, I wish to share more drawings by Anna Holló as I found her images exciting, exploratory, alive, at times talkative and inspirational. I can see them sometimes as notation. And as such, they can be explored and further taken into compositional work. Or just looking at them in a sequence and get a taste, an idea, a direction of the class. Let fantasy travel, let imagination be active, let the traveler have a dance as the lines are dancing... 

The first sequence of drawings was made during a Contact Improvisation class taught at the University of Film Arts, Budapest in 2016 fall. It was a specific class, where I worked with a ball to support the sensation of weight, to get the sense of rolling with giving and pouring weight into the floor through the ball. To get the roundness of the body and work with the principle of "allowing the weight the do the work". 

We started with a slow exploration of breathing with the ball, rolling, melting, spreading. We became playful by exchanging moves with partners and keep our own balls. There were parts when the ball became a moving object, where we moved them shifted into being moved by them. Solo work, duett and group awareness was in focus. The ball as a surface and substance between the dancers could create a safe territory to explore touch and moving into the partner's mass without imposing any other intention. The dance unfolded...
Images: CIBall_01 - CIBall_65


The second sequence of the drawings is from the class that can be seen in the article Art from Art. The drawings can add to the video documentation of the class, of our work with Anna and give an insight about the specificity of this "art making documentation process". 
Images: Images_classonvideo_01_16




ClBall 01
ClBall 02
ClBall 04
ClBall 05
ClBall 06
ClBall 07
ClBall 08
ClBall 09
ClBall 10
ClBall 11
ClBall 12
ClBall 13
ClBall 14
ClBall 15
ClBall 16
ClBall 17
ClBall 18
ClBall 19
ClBall 20
ClBall 21
ClBall 22
ClBall 23
ClBall 24
ClBall 25
ClBall 26
ClBall 27
ClBall 28
ClBall 33
ClBall 34
ClBall 35
ClBall 36
ClBall 37
ClBall 38
ClBall 39
ClBall 40
ClBall 41
ClBall 42
ClBall 43
ClBall 44
ClBall 45
ClBall 46
ClBall 47
ClBall 48
ClBall 49
ClBall 50
ClBall 51
ClBall 52
ClBall 53
ClBall 54
ClBall 55
ClBall 56
ClBall 57
ClBall 58
ClBall 59
ClBall 60
ClBall 61
ClBall 62
ClBall 63
ClBall 64
ClBall 65
Image classonvideo01
Image classonvideo02
Image classonvideo03
Image classonvideo04
Image classonvideo05
Image classonvideo06
Image classonvideo07
Image classonvideo08
Image classonvideo09
Image classonvideo10
Image classonvideo11
Image classonvideo12
Image classonvideo13
Image classonvideo14
Image classonvideo15
Image classonvideo16
Image classonvideo 00

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