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IDOCs » Symposium Program: Dancing together without learning the same
MTD Residency Vienna 2018 Summary of Proposal

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The things we can('t) learn from schooling and fishing


A participatory interview game about learning and unlearning using elements of folk dance and creative writing.



ViennaSchoolOff (short VSOff) is an emergent project within the framework of “Wiener Perspektive” (WP). During the year 2017 problematic and uncertain developments both in Austria and the city of Vienna with regard to funding, professional appreciation and providing of resources (space, media attention, international networks, touring, education) of the local dance and performance scene have led to the foundation of the large platform “Wiener Perspektive” (WP). (

ViennaSchoolOff has both an ironic and serious agenda. It suggests an indirect relationship to the Vienna Circle
(Wiener Kreis) and the Viennese School (Wiener Schule). This "Vienna School" is, also pointing at the lack of post
gradual education in the field of choreography in Austria and aims to play with the gap of this shortage.




Aiko Kazuko Kurosaki (JAP/AUT)


is a dancer, choreographer and performance artist born in Japan but living and working in Vienna. Solo and group performances at numerous festivals in Austria and abroad. Focuses on projects critical of society and the environment. Site-specific, interactive and intervention-based work in public spaces. Performance / flash-mob at the UN-Vienna headquarters for the anniversary of Hiroshima and Nagasaki against the re-opening of nuclear power-stations in Japan after Fukushima. Co-initiator and artistic director - since 2013 - for One Billion Rising Vienna – Ending Violence against Women and Girls, an annual event taking place in public space.


Alina Tretinjak (AUT/HRV)


Dancer, Visual Artist, Filmmaker. Born in Croatia, lives in Austria, works internationally. Completed “School of Contemporary Dance” in Zagreb and moved on to making video projections for dance performances. Studied South Indian classical dance Bharatanatyam in Chennai, India, analogue Filmmaking in the Class for Independent Film at “Schule Friedl Kubelka” in Vienna and Gender Studies at University of Vienna. Made several experimental short films and film installations as member of artist-run film lab “filmkoop wien”. Works primarily as visual artist and dance teacher, exploring the interconnection between analogue film(making) and dance.


Charlotta Ruth (SWE/AUT)


plays with time and perception inside choreography, art based research and pedagogical endeavours. In learning situations she's specially interested in peer to peer exchange and different formats for Supervision. Ruth currently works with documentation of ephemeral art practices inside the project Living Documents together with Dominik Grünbühel, dances inside Alexander Gottfarbs yearlong project Negotiations at Tanzquartier Wien, is a guest researcher inside the art based research project Six formats at the Acedemy of Fine Arts, Vienna conducted by Ingrid Cogne and develops her PhD research on play, performativity and liveness in online contexts at Zentrum Fokus Forschung, University of applied Arts.


Joana da Silva (PT/ AUT)


Performer and dance teacher based in Vienna. BA in Dance, Escola Superior de Dança de Lisboa and Institut del Teatre, Barcelona (Erasmus). Performance Activities: several national and international productions, including works from Chto Delat, Rafael Alvarez (Plural Dance Company) and Aiko Kazuko Kurosaki. Until 2016: performer, director's assistant, producer and Amalgama Movement teacher at Amalgama Dance Company and Unitygate Platform. Own projects in collaboration with artists from diverse fields, since 2004. Teaching Experience around contemporary and traditional dance: regular classes and workshops for children, young people, adults and people with special needs in several places between Portugal, Macau and Austria, since 2011. Portuguese Language for Children, since 2016.


Mag. Dr. Katherina T. Zakravsky (AUT) 1983-1998 Studies of German Philology and Philosophy


1998 Ph.D. thesis on Kant’s philosophy of the University and systemic theory of institutions (with excellence) 1995-2012 Teaching at various art institutions in Linz and Vienna and at the Philosophical Institute, main University, Vienna, 2010 guest professor for Science Fiction Studies, critique of humanism and biopolitics Since 1994 independent scholar for film studies, social utopias and dystopias, science, technology and society. Since 1998 active in the dance and performance scene of Vienna and Europe (projects in Berlin and St.Petersburg), solo and with various partners, 1998-2000 with LuxFlux and Saira Blanche (Oleg Soulimenko), 2003-2007 with Chris Haring and Liquid Loft, Golden Lion at the Dance Biennale in Venice for „The Art of Seduction“ (2007).


2001-2002 Researcher (Theory) at the Jan van Eyck Academie, Maastricht.


Since 2012 End of academic career, since then independent artist, scholar, activist, writer and developer with the main topics of queer feminism and new sexualities, science and technology studies, nerd/fan culture, pop culture, social media, TV shows, biopolitics, ecology, geopolitics, neo/trance-humanism and neo-avantgarde (Fluxus, Psychedelics, Land Art etc.), new urban/hybrid life style developments and politics, new market/social games, trans-species existence, spacetime designs and spirituality studies As performer, writer/blogger, concept artist and activist often working as ZAK RAY, TransFormanceUnit, trans-gender/historcial/class/nation/discipline/species/dimension.


2015-17 Working at seeLab, media/art/researchlab, Seestadt, Aspern Vienna, with projects on dream cities and collective building “neuBabel” and a social media/installation/performance project on the disappearance of 7 fictitious characters from Seestadt L>FiST (LostinSeaTown).


Laura Unger (AUT)


lives and works in Vienna. At the age of five she learned to play the violin, later she autodidactically experimented with guitar and accordion. 2010-2018 she studied Dance, Context and Choreography at HZT (UdK) in Berlin, Performing Arts at Bilgi University in Istanbul and dance studies at Salzburg University. Since 2012 she develops her own artistic works and received a START scholarship from the Austrian Federal Chancellery. Currently she is researching on the potential of folk dance as a political tool and plans to set up an exchange platform in order to strengthen a critical folk dance discourse in Austria and elsewhere. For further information: (only in German) and (only in English)


Sara De Santis (IT/ AUT)


is a teacher, choreographer, dancer and performer. She obtained her BA in Theories and practices of anthropology (2009) at Universita’ La Sapienza and her MA in Choreography at the National Dance Academy (2012), both in Rome. She continues her education between Amsterdam, Rome and Vienna becoming a Gyrotonic® and a yoga instructor. Meanwhile Sara began developing her own work as independent artist and choreographed creating several solo and group pieces. She worked with several renewed artist; among all Ismael Ivo, Adriana Borriello and Klaus Obermaier. Her work was presented in Italy, France, Poland, Germany, Austria, UK, Netherlands and Hungaria. At the moment she is teaching Gyrotonic® and yoga for dancers.




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