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IDOCs » MTD Residency Mud - The Dance
Grounding practices of dance documentation, experimenting with matter’s dissolution —to decompose and to appropriate.

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In the residency Emilie, Maria Ines and Kerstin have focused on links between their artistic practices, and common denominators on questions of documentation. Discussions of their body of work in relation to documenation led to formulating questions, which in turn led to scores. In Mud The Dance they will offer some of their scores for participatory experimentation, contextualized by the worlds they imagined together in the residency.

Encounter and context
Real time documentation
Fascia as narrator

which led to notions of

A dance that has never been danced
Edible documentation (the orality of dance)
The fascia park
A map as togethering of scales
Secret dances

Emilie Gallier (FR /UK) is a choreographer and a researcher ( Primary concerns of her work are: the relation between people, how do we script our lives and what scripts us. She makes slightly participatory performances designing landscapes for performers to evolve and for the audience to actively contemplate and read. Her current PhD research within C-DaRE at Coventry University asks: what happens in dance performances when the audience is reading?

María Inés Villasmil (VZ/NL)
After a career as a sociologist and having developed a parallel dance career, she moved to Holland to pursue a BA from the School for New Dance Development (SNDO) at the Amsterdam Hogeschool voor de Kunsten. In 2004 Maria received her Master’s degree in Choreography and New Media and more recently, Maria obtained an MBA in Creative Industries and Cultural Management from the University of Salamanca, Spain. Since 2002, she is a faculty  teacher of the Amsterdam School of Arts and  a freelance Dance Artist working mainly in Latin-America and Europe.

Kerstin Kussmaul (DE/NZ)
is a movement researcher, choreographer and currently PhD candidate at the University of Auckland / NZ with a focus on creative practice based on fascia research. She studied Music and Dance, Somatic Movement education, Myoreflex and teaches Improvisation and Somatics in Europe and in the Pacific. She is on the faculty of Myoreflex founder Dr. Kurt Mosetter. Kerstin founded IDOCDE in 2011. Her choreographic focus is on music/ dance projects and the development of new formats for the mediation of movement. Her work has been presented here at ImPulsTanz, in USA, Italy, Germany, and Estonia.


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