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This idoc is a proposition for a class in Stolzenhagen meeting. I would like to modify one of my classes that I give for creative processes of dance artists for creative/teaching processes of dance teachers. If we choose to do this class, it may give us a chance to reflect on our current practice (me as the teacher to see how I can alter/adjust one of my approaches, and you as the teacher to reflect upon how you function as a dancer and a teacher. It is a 120 min. class proposition.

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This class will have cold and hot moments; more passive and active ways of receiving and sharing. We will be writing, drawing, moving, talking, what not?! - to express ourselves, as an answer to some directed questions. These questions will be around you, your approach to dance and teaching. The aim of these questions will be to trace back in your history; significant moments, people, ideas, feelings etc. that effected/shaped you.

Some kind of a personal dance history map will be outlined and performed. In such a short time, you will be briefly able to share a summary of your personal dance history with the other participants and receive their feedback. And this sharing will hopefully be able to help you to focus on what you want to create/teach/live here & now, at this point in time. Considering that history is a compilation of narratives, why not create your own narrative in an "artful" and joyful way.

The documents that we will create can already be considered as documentation of your dancing/teaching. And yet, we can also try to document this specific class via video, images and writings...

Looking forward to this exciting encounter! 150 teachers in 5 days... Ambitious we are, aren't we!?



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